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4.6 | 590 customer ratings
91% of the ratings are 4-stars or 5-stars
Item is exactly as described with very easy assembly. It has enormous capacity for storage and is also flexible. I didn't want a rigid deck box so I took a gamble on this ore and it paid off! I liked it so much I ordered a 2nd one.
It hasn't yet been tested in winter conditions but judging from the quality I don't anticipate any
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By dbogowitz
I never write product reviews but I liked this enough to take the time to do so.

I got tired of lugging my patio furniture cushions back and forth from my deck to my shed as I only leave my cushions out in good weather. I wanted something I could leave on the deck, that was sturdy, and looked good. I spotted this on Amazon
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By Diana L.
This was perfect to fit my outdoor sectional furniture cushions and pillows
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By Jodi Pierce
4.5 | 695 customer ratings
87% of the ratings are 4-stars or 5-stars
This is my third plastic "shed" type of backyard storage, and I'm impressed with the features and stability of this one. For the price, it's a great deal - just have to put it together correctly - don't expect it to function well if care isn't taken to carefully align the pieces. That's pretty standard for all plastic sheds though. If
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By Alexis S.
I love this storage unit!! It holds several large storage containers (up to 6, depending on the size) and still has room for a few odds and ends items in between. I like that it has built- in shelf supports on the sides so you could customize it.
Assembly was quick. It took my 15-year old less than an hour with very minimal help
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By SusanH
My bike does not fit in this storage, kids bike maybe. Once I started putting my bins inside it started to be uneven and as you can see in the picture, the lawnmower will not fit. For the price I paid to have additional storage outside is not worth
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By Sumatra
4.5 | 643 customer ratings
91% of the ratings are 4-stars or 5-stars
This shed does look quite nice and sturdy, good quality. It is not hard to assemble . The walls are 6 pieces, plus a floor and roof, few hinges, screws, etc. it's one of those things that may go together with less frustration if you simply toss the instructions out as the first step. We figured it out without significant issue, but
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By Jessica jing
I purchased this unit to replace an aging one for our lawn chairs and patio cushions. It is considerably more sturdy - especially with the moving parts - than what I had from Suncoast. Directions were pretty clear, although I had to figure out that the back and side panels went in the slots at an angle first, then had to use a rubber
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By KSRoots
This may be the year for hurricanes where I live. So I bought a Westinghouse 9.5Kw generator, only to find out, full of fuel it weighed 265 pounds. Too heavy to drag out during or after a storm. So my friend built a concrete pad, and we mounted your shed on it. Anchored it down, reinforced the screws, added ventilation, and an
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By tom
4.4 | 1,050 customer ratings
87% of the ratings are 4-stars or 5-stars
I have another storage house on the other end of my backyard but it's almost 2 decades old, rusted, full of webs and stuff that hasn't been touched in years.
The main reason I bought this was because I'm looking for a shed to store my new bikes.
I've looked thru dozens of other sheds from a bunch of different brand
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By Boomster
5 stars for looks and function.
3 stars for flimsy assembly method and a mis-stamped part.

Assembly is mostly sheet metal screws into flimsy plastic, so be very delicate when assembling. I think it will hold up to years of careful use, but if wouldn't hold up to abuse at all. I'm using mine for bicycle storage in an RV
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I bought this storage shed after doing a ton of research into what would fit into our driveway to hold my “neighborhood” bike. It fits my bike, a folded bike trailer, two adult scooters, and various other small play things. It was easy to assemble on my own and move into place with just me. Since the original assembly, the doors
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By Carrie Rogers
4.4 | 975 customer ratings
85% of the ratings are 4-stars or 5-stars
We bought the 6x6 shed to use for our kids outdoor toys and it's perfect! The toys were taking up so much space in our shed and we were getting tired of it so we figured we'd try the shed in a box and we are so glad we did! My husband said the setup was a bit of a pain, but he was able to set it all up himself in about an hour. We have
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By Skye
This is the second one I've bought so, I obviously like them. A couple tips for those that read the reviews: 1. If you live in a climate that's stormy or messy (like upstate NY) buy a tarp large enough (12x12 is good) to go over the top and bungee cord it to add some thickness to the existing tarp. The one it comes with isn't the
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By TriedALot
First thing I noticed is that this unit doesn't have any hardware to hold the pieces together, aside from four places ar the bottom. It was very challenging to put together (even with 2 people) because it falls apart whenever you try to move it. I had hoped that once the cover was on and the straps were tightened that it would stay
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By KateCME
4.3 | 1,064 customer ratings
81% of the ratings are 4-stars or 5-stars
Excellent pool storage unit. Great price and very easy to put together. A total of 1.5 hours...and I took my time.

1. Note all the major sections.
2. Flooring...note the slots and grip sections. I used the palm of my hand to move the sections into place. Make sure you have a wall or post to provide leverage.
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By M. Hinderlie
I purchased this shed as a “used-like new” product to house my Generac portable generator that I use during hurricane power outages. It was complete and in good condition, the only thing that made it look like it was “used” was the opened carton that was taped close. My wife convinced me to place it under the patio cover to
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By JimA
If you live in a place that has weather (any weather) do not buy this item. We had our first big storm this week. Its first test and it failed so monumentally I can hardly believe it. Please see my photos. The screws are put through a paper thin wall of plastic that is not going to hold up. No chance. The doors dont stay tight and
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By A. Hobart
4.3 | 1,002 customer ratings
83% of the ratings are 4-stars or 5-stars
Very happy with the product, it's the 3rd Rubbermaid box I've put outside, and it seems to equal the design and construction of all the others. I noticed that some users seemed to be disappointed in the construction and a few had the shed fall apart. Here's a tip. When you assemble the shed and slide the floor into the sides and back
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By Lost in the Vast Wasteland
I bought the bin to put at the end of my driveway to put trash bags in until pickup day. It snaps together like legos but not very securely. After I assembled the bin I tried to lift and move it. It fell apart as soon as I moved it. To fix the issue I put it together with four inch wood screws. I used about 50 of them and that worked
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By Fred
Was very disappointed when putting the shed together that the slots and inserts on the floor of the shed didn’t line up. I added photos to show just how far off it is. Just gonna be a pain to pack up and send back and wait for a new one. Had a spot lined up in the backyard for it. Figured with the price this would be foolproof. Luckily
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By Darrell J Hay
4.3 | 504 customer ratings
81% of the ratings are 4-stars or 5-stars
Very easy to assemble, took my man a few minutes to put it together. The storage is not heavy, but very durable. I am surprised with interior storage space, its enough to store my two kids' outdoor toys and cushions. Planning to keep it in my backyard as it's waterproofed, and to keep my backyard more
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By Elicia Baldwin
Unlike other reviewers, I found it very easy to assemble. All pieces fit well and easily snapped together. It looks ok and is completely functional; however, it is not waterproof. After the first rain I had water standing in the bottom of the container. I recently sealed the inside joints with caulking and I hope this will resolve
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By Charles spell
I am very disappointed in this product. My husband was able to assemble it within 10 minutes and that was about all that was good about it. It snaps together and there is no hardware. Once assembled, the lid does not lock/snap into place in the front and there are no grooves to hold it to all four sides securely. There is a hole on
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By Sidney
28 offers from product price
4.1 | 595 customer ratings
76% of the ratings are 4-stars or 5-stars
If you read all these reviews you would think this shed is made of paper and has no parts or missing parts. Let me give you an honest review of this product. Perhaps I was very fortunate but the way the product was packaged I would be surprised if folks had cracks or breaks or missing parts. All parts are packaged together in heavy
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By Matt
This is exactly what I expected. I know there are a lot of reviews on here saying it is flimsy, thin, etc. I am not sure what people are expecting when they order one of these in the $100-200 range, but for me it met my expectations. I bought this to store my two girl's gymnastics mats in that they use outside. It is perfect for that
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By Dave B.
This originally came out great, it all fit together. It was easy to assemble and looks sturdy enough. However, once it got over 90 degrees here in Texas it started warping. The tip began to bow upwards at the edges. I tried multiple ways to get it back into shape, but was never successful. After an entire summer it's warped so that now
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By Justin C.
4.2 | 186 customer ratings
78% of the ratings are 4-stars or 5-stars
This tent worked very well. Once set up we hung lights and decorations inside. Assembly was a little confusing at first, once the detailed illustration was found it went a little better. Before disassembled, I marked with a permanent marker all the joints with matching letters. This will make the next assembly much faster. Because of
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By M. Ramos
So this was cheaper than renting a tent for a party I wanted to host.

Before you buy ask yourself:
Are you willing to spend the time putting up and packing up the tent on the same day. You should ideally have four people that are relatively strong and helpful.
I say the same day because it should not be left out in
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By S. Chuck
It looks fabulous once it's all set up. It took 3 people 4 hours to get it all set up. Great for set up and take down. Do not leave it up. And if you do be sure to buy the anchors for the ground. The anchors they sell you with this tent are a joke. I set my tent up Friday with my party being Sunday morning. And the wind took my tent and
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By ValN
4.2 | 104 customer ratings
81% of the ratings are 4-stars or 5-stars
I bought this for my daughters wedding on my property. It took three of us to finish setting it up, but it wasn't hard to do by following the instructions and using some common sense. It worked beautifully for the ceremony, and held seven banquet tables with room to spare after the wedding for the reception. The picture I've attached is
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By Kellygreen
This is a great value! This tent is well worth the money. It’s not the type of tent that can stay up for extended periods of time, as the material would not withhold long term weather, however it is perfect for weekend events. It is beautiful when set up and more than serves the purpose it is intended for. Don’t assume one person can
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By Miss Ellie
Lasted 3 years of heavy duty use (left up for 10 weeks per summer) tent withstood several Pennsylvania summer storms.
Canopy on one finally ripped. Customer service folks were very helpful in selling replacement canopy. Frame was fine. Lasted much better than we
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By K~
4.2 | 101 customer ratings
79% of the ratings are 4-stars or 5-stars
After buying a new build house we discovered there was nowhere to store our mower!! Bought this at the end of the season with the intention of eventually upgrading to a larger outdoor building. This has been perfect and stays latched even through high winds. It accommodates our lawn mower and if you get creative with arrangement, it can
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By C Lyoness
The box arrived in fairly good condition so, I wasn't too worried until I opened the box and, first-thing, two different pieces of broken plastic fell out. Now, because of all of the previous reviews about difficulty getting replacements for missing or broken parts, I'm really concerned. So, I checked everything very, very carefully -
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By Don B.
Bought the Store-It-Out-Ace from Keter and received it in August 2019. Could not open right away because Hurricane Dorian was bearing down, so we stored everything and waited. Finally opened in September and found the pictured broken parts. Called Keter and was told they would send replacement parts and they would be here in 2 to 3
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By Paul R. Kush
3.9 | 442 customer ratings
70% of the ratings are 4-stars or 5-stars
Assembly wasn’t difficult, just a bit confusing in a couple areas. It would’ve been easier if the instructions noted a couple of things:
1. First step- When assembling the back panels, the instructions should’ve mentioned that one of the back panels should be the opposite side. They need to overlap in the middle in order to
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By beachy
I bought this item based on the cost. It seemed to be about the equal of others but at a discounted price. My unit is the all dark brown model. I think the finish blends in nicely in a rural setting and should wear well.

Assembly was faster than I expected - just put a few panels in place, drive in some screws (plenty
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By Hungry Joe
I wanted to store my home generator and my Pressure washer -one each in two cabinets--to keep rain and dust off. Yet, comparing them to Rubbermaid products that I already have= these are flimsy , single walled. and actually broke during assembly.
I work with failed plastics every day. The quality of this plastic is thin by design,
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By ODD Jim
4.3 | 77 customer ratings
84% of the ratings are 4-stars or 5-stars
Great way to store and hide the trash
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By Michael Broshar
Easy to assemble. Put my harbor freight 8750 generator in it. Cut some holes for a fan and vents and cords. Works good keeps generator dry and cuts down on noise. Put in a plywood
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By gdstewar
Suncast’s customer service is abysmal. They failed to include the metal hinge assembly. I called to let them know I needed the metal, “hinge assembly.” The kind woman on the phone provided a tracking number and assured me the part would arrive in a matter of days. After a week had passed, I called again, confirmed they were sending
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By Brooke Brown
product price & FREE Shipping
4.1 | 125 customer ratings
77% of the ratings are 4-stars or 5-stars
It is a sturdy parcel drop box for my home. I had to drill holes in the bottom to secure the box to my front porch. I wish it had pre drilled holes. Because it is a sturdy product I needed to use a masonry drill bit to pre drill the holes for the mounting bolts. I am using my box with a BoxLock branded smart lock.

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By Amazon Customer
Had some issues with our outside dogs running off UPS , FEDeX, etc...
Put this parcel locker at the end of our private drive, signed a few papers for the post office to deliver at "gate".
Haven't missed a package yet..
This parcel locker even kept a few "frozen" items cold until I got home.
Water has stayed out and we
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By Ty&JoRee
Delivery companies won’t use it. I’ve registered with all delivery companies, put up a sign to direct deliveries to the box, put instructions on the box. They won’t use it. Several have told me the scanner on the lock won’t work. Others don’t even try. I have tested the scanner myself and seems to work but the drivers are on a
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By TaraT
4.5 | 49 customer ratings
88% of the ratings are 4-stars or 5-stars
Love the unit. I also ordered the shelves just waiting for delivery. It fits the cornhole boards, all the water guns we have plus all the outdoor dining items we have. It sits outside in the sun hopefully it will
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By Amazon Customer
Absolutely loved this item. I put it together myself! Very clear , easy instructions! I loved the bag of extras and the screwdriver! It is perfect for our 2 garbage cans and looks nice! Thank you for a great product! I would definitely buy again and recommend this to
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By Holl L. Duncan
I liked the look of this product over others that were too shed-like. This was pretty simple to assemble but there were a few steps where helping hands could have made it easier. It is heavy once assembled so put it together where it will end up. I definitely recommend
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By david g
product price & FREE Shipping. Details
4.3 | 66 customer ratings
83% of the ratings are 4-stars or 5-stars
Just moved into a row home. Any delivery was going to either be free for the taking or rained / snowed on. We decided on this parcel drop box due to its vertical design, hinged lid and hasp for a 3rd party combination lock.

We originally received the sister unit with lift-off lid. One simple phone call to the manufacture
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By Jim Mitchell
So my previous parcel box was constructed of pieces that had to fit together and a hinged lid that didn't work properly. I needed to purchase a new parcel box after 6 months and chose the Parcelwirx Standard Vertical Delivery Drop Box w/Lift Off Lid. I was nervous that it would have to be put together and would fall apart like the
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By DeAnne
Trustworthy was is my experience with this seller. My hinges were messed up on the original product. I sent them an email, explaining the damage and that I was happy to return the defective product, but I really wanted a replacement. They went above and beyond asked for pictures for their quality department and I sent them as
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By T. Shearer
product price & FREE Shipping
3.8 | 467 customer ratings
65% of the ratings are 4-stars or 5-stars
Had a problem with critters getting into the trash. Purchased two of these to hold 2 trash cans each. Problem solved. Assembly was simple enough with the only challenge being snapping the doors in place. That required a lot of hand strength and with minor arthritis was a little bit of a challenge but doable. They even look good behind my
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By Virginia Slim
Used mine as a generator shed. Plenty of space for a 5500 watt generator. Also very sturdy for the
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By Nate
Please note that the dimensions provided are the outside dimensions not inside. The doors were as little squirrely getting them on the hinge pins but most of the assembly went as described. I purchased the unit for my generator ( 8750 watt ) and once I removed the wheels it fit no problem, still have a bit of additional room as well.
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By Geoffrey Bird
4.0 | 107 customer ratings
72% of the ratings are 4-stars or 5-stars
This is such a cute shed! We looked at a lot of different ones before purchasing, including Lowe's. We chose this one because it's small, which was a necessity because of our small back patio. It took about 3 hours to put together, fyi. The instructions, as mentioned in other reviews, were not overly clear (they use the word "screw" for
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By Jessica Freeland
I reviewed a lot of different sheds for size and price and finally purchase this one. Its a great looking shed; directions were easy to follow. Its well designed; joints were tight and it was sturdy when complete. Quality of the material is great. The instructions were easy to read and follow. It's so easy even one person can install
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By Kim
I almost didn't buy this because of the reviews on how hard it was to put together. However, cute garden storage for a great price, I couldn't pass it up. I am female with building skills because my dad was a contractor and taught me. I put it together all by myself took me a few hrs. A couple of the roof pieces cracked during shipping
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By DcCray
product price & FREE Shipping
4.3 | 48 customer ratings
80% of the ratings are 4-stars or 5-stars
Being a seasonal camper I have wanted one of these for a few years now. I found this one and my husband agreed to purchase it. We dont start back at camp for a few more weeks but I got anxious to see how this box was going to look so I opened it up and partially assembled it and man am I impressed. This box has a good amount of space
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By Nikki
So easy to assemble took me only a few minutes looks great. Fits all 6 of my
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By kimberly flowers
Made the mistake of skimming the directions and assembled the box incorrectly the first time and a piece broke off. Contacted customer service and the seller was very quick to replace entire item. Extremely satisfied with the size and quality of
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By JP21