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4.5 | 404 customer ratings
88% of the ratings are 4-stars or 5-stars
Ordered two of these for my bar. Wanted to write a list of beers and wines on them. Got them all set up and put on the walls then plugged into... well the light doesn't reach the middle of the board! See the photo I uploaded. The LED strips are only on the long sides. So if you write in the middle it's very dark compared to the sides with
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By BestCoast
I purchased this board because it has a brightness control. I need to reduce the brightness to lowest setting when using it for astronomy star parties. The board works great, but the remote is the cheapest thing ever (it positively SCREAMS cheap!). I do not expect the remote to last very long, or much use. Unfortunately, once it goes, you
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By Monte Horn
After getting one of these blackboards for my grand-daughter (she enjoys anything having to do with art), I came back and purchased a second for my small business. What I realized is that whatever message you write on the board, people will look and stare at the captivating images. There is one light setting that makes the letters and
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By unlimitednikels
4.4 | 183 customer ratings
86% of the ratings are 4-stars or 5-stars
The only thing that bothers me is cleaning it. It looks nice and clean when it’s off but when you turn the light on it’s smeared and looks bad. Might have to look into a cleaning solution that would take the marker off
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By Parker
I bought this for my daughter for her birthday and she loves it! It was easy to set up and the selection of pens that it comes with is perfect.

One recommendation that I'll make is to buy rechargeable batteries if you aren't able to put it near a plug-in. Other than that, this is a great board and fun for kids to personalize
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By SeahawkSkinny
Funciona bien, los marcadores son lindos pero la pizarra llego abollada en un borde. Quizás una falla del
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By Jimena
4.3 | 240 customer ratings
81% of the ratings are 4-stars or 5-stars
This was a great purchase - I bought this because I have two boys and we are constantly on the run- I ruined a previous
chalkboard using chalk pens that really are not good for chalkboards, but are perfect for this board. I love this board because it shows the
colors of the pens beautifully even when it isn't lit. The board
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By Rachel
Picked this up for my niece that loves to draw. It was a hit!! Out of all her presents from her birthday party, this is the one she couldn’t wait to play with. As soon as she took it out, all the other it’s wanted to try it and we’re asking their parents for one.

The colors are vibrant and the unit has held up well. We
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By I'm Pretty Picky
I do like the board. It's fun for my online classroom. The kids love it! However, it is really hard to clean. I added photos, just avoid my reflection ;) Couldn't remove that.

I didn't realize the board and tripod are to be the same review. Well, my tripod broke in 2 months. I am not at all happy. The plastic on the back broke.
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By Artimislynn
4.2 | 308 customer ratings
79% of the ratings are 4-stars or 5-stars
Very cool board. I first saw it in a restaurant for bday announcements and I wanted it for my home bar. I bought it here with prime thinking it would get to my house in 2 days as advertised, but I ordered it it in Thursday and didn’t get it until Monday (that’s 4 days ! ). I wanted it for a party and it did arrive on time. Also FYI it
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By Gatitany
The product arrived quickly and worked well as a nice message board. A bit messy to cleanup as kids toy. The piece of cloth which came with the product is not enough to cleanup the board. Kids usually draw on it and wipe off frequently and need a towel in the right condition to wipe it
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By Laura
I recieved this LED writing board today and it came with a couple scales & scratches, then I did as paper said clean with a wet cloth the wipe with a dry cloth and look at the smudges, the REMOTE Does NOT Work, I emailed the seller I was gonna wait to do my review but when the REMOTE not working I decided to go ahead with my review. I
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By Beyoutiful_Jenny
4.0 | 145 customer ratings
73% of the ratings are 4-stars or 5-stars
This has been great for my classroom. It can be hard for the students to use just because it "drops" objects when the pen is drug into shadows, but the kids are getting used to it. It has made my lessons more engaging and the kids really love it. It was easy to set up. I have my projector sitting on a table that often gets bumped,
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By Sarita
So for the purpose of supporting this product, I did like it. It did install easy. It is mega easy to calibrate and it does what it says it does. The problem I had was not with the product itself.. Once I got our projector in and I hooked this pen system up to the laptop, and then the projector to the laptop; I realized I had too many
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By Amazon Customer
Like everyone mentioned calibrated is a little tricky, but it’s definitely still worth it since I will be virtual teaching for a
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By Christina
4.3 | 32 customer ratings
85% of the ratings are 4-stars or 5-stars
By aklilu tilahun demissie
Make sure you have the correct adapter for this product, I wasn’t aware that the product would come with a foreign country adapter. The company made good on it though and sent me a converter adapter. Thank you, Yeahs shop. I have just tried out the product today and it does work as
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By Paula Lindley
It what I was looking for. They can be messing and it’s a free time for the kids to go crazy on the walls as well. Washable but not the best ideal for young
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By David V Stepteau Jr
4.0 | 121 customer ratings
74% of the ratings are 4-stars or 5-stars
My kids have a Boogie Board (the kind for writing, not waves) that they love, but it is small and doesn't have colors. I am trying to encourage more drawing and handwriting so am always looking for ways to amp up their interest in it and make it fun. This did that and did it well.

My 5-year-old had a great time drawing aliens
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By In My Opinion
This does come with an American plug for those of you like me who don't live in America and purchase will have to purchase an adapter to fit. It also comes with a set of chalk pens (so no need to buy an extra pack and a cleaning cloth). Find the remote odd to work and I like to think im handy of nature and figure most things
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By N Shearer
This product is a very low quality, not worth $5. Do not buy. Amazon should remove it from their site. Dusty and unhealthy for kids, don’t be fooled, the seller descriptions is miss
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By Sam
4.1 | 55 customer ratings
75% of the ratings are 4-stars or 5-stars
This LED message board was purchased to replace the old flimsy one that was nearly falling apart. I was a little skeptical in purchasing this product due to the cost. Afterall the previous one that I had purchased was considerably cheaper, but it did get the job done. Once I finally decided to make the purchase, I was pleasantly surprised
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Product works great but the customer service is even better. Had a slight cord issue and they replaced it right away. Got the grandkids back to playing with it in no time. Highly recommend the product and the
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By Amazon Customer
Ordered two for my 2 grandson Christmas. No instructions and one is clearly broken/used. Doesn't illuminate properly, missing parts. Started a return only to find out it’s non returnable (which is not listed in the product description). I would go ahead and order another while awaiting a refund if not for that. So, I’m one week
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By jeannie jackson
4.5 | 18 customer ratings
89% of the ratings are 4-stars or 5-stars
You gotta have one of these. It's soooooo awesome. Buy extra cleaning spray
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Large flashing sign for daily specials in our bar, promotes our business very
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By Jack Norton
Product arrived on time and was well packaged. The only problem we had was getting the protected paper off the writing surface. It was so stuck to the surface that it took us 1 hour to remove it. Other then that it works and look
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By Amazon Customer
4.1 | 34 customer ratings
78% of the ratings are 4-stars or 5-stars
I don't know if I'm expecting too much, but I was so excited to get this as a gift for a friend for his "man town" to use as a scoreboard for our epic dart tournaments (I usually win...totally not related to this review, but woot woot! :) ). I love how it looks, I love that you can pick what color lights you want, and that the markers
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By LMB219
I love the board. The corner was broken when I opened it. It’s hard to hang because the hooks slide back and forth, all the colors don’t work, other than that it works
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By Kim C
I ordered this hoping it would be like the last one I ordered but upon opening it I find that there are smear marks all along the edge of the board due to someone wiping down the board previously. There were obvious marker streaks throughout the middle of the board. And after thoroughly cleaning the board, I noticed there are terrible
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By Amazon Customer
4.3 | 6 customer ratings
82% of the ratings are 4-stars or 5-stars
My grandson uses this for his math homework and
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By marferne
Does exactly what I need it for and was just as
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By Patrick Earley
Lightweight. Easy to use. Just don't touch the clear button by
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By blah
3.8 | 6 customer ratings
84% of the ratings are 4-stars or 5-stars
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By WonderMom
This pen was the perfect addition to my IW2 system in my classroom. It worked straight out of the box. The smaller pen is easier to write with than the longer one that came with the system. My students (8th graders) love it as well. And, the dual pen functionality works seamlessly with two pens. For the price, the whole system is well
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By Justine Staelin-Lefsky
I like it but I have ordered extra pen just because I want a pen with WiFi device,but it doesn't have that.pls mention it on your site
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By Pushpendra Singh Bhati
3.6 | 16 customer ratings
71% of the ratings are 4-stars or 5-stars
My husband just bought this writing board to go in his store, and I must say that it is very vivid. The color change feature is interesting, but I think I prefer the regular black, as it doesn't dilute the marker colors. Either way, this board is bound to draw
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By Amazon Customer
It seems like all the negative reviews for this item were due to it being broken upon arrival. If yours doesn't arrive broken, then you'll be happy with it. It does everything I need it to and is very bright and appealing. The item is awkwardly-shaped and delicate, so I can see how it would get damaged in transit. Mine actually
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By Sonny Geha
lighting keeps going out i"ve bought 3 they all stopped working , decided to try something
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By hooked
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3.5 | 11 customer ratings
60% of the ratings are 4-stars or 5-stars
I wasn't sure what to think about this at first -- my 8 year old is a hello kitty junky and picked this for a birthday gift. It is so cute! Works great. Glows in the dark, has a light that you can turn on to write in the dark and a setting to make it flash. It is extremely durable -- it has been dropped, had H2O spilled on it and
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By Momma Mueller
I like that there are strong magnets on the back, so you can easily hang this up on a fridge or locker. But the actual message board is very small (writing surface is approx (5"x7"). Also, the battery compartment in the back is loose, so sometimes the board won't light up because the batteries aren't connecting. Fun collectible, but
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By E. Hung
Came backwards in package, a piece of cheese on the screen when taken out of package, This means it was not new when I bought it... Second day it stopped working, I have left 3 messages with some company and they won't call me back, to have it replaced... Do not buy, save your money for another
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By Jamee
product price & FREE Shipping
3.5 | 14 customer ratings
66% of the ratings are 4-stars or 5-stars
The Board itself is awesome but the pens that came with it were not that great. We use it for a sick call board at our (VFW) Veterans of Foreign Wars. Its bright but the pens when used leave a unclean look after you use it. The Markers smear when trying to clean up after your done. If lettering is left up then cleaned it will leave a
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By David M.
very nice, but the color-change option is limited to one soft-fade and one seizure-mode. If you want a single backlight color or are ok with the rainbow fade this is a very nice lit dry-erase
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By ASCII Aardvark
Very neat attractive writing board. I use it as a menu board to advertise specials. It gets lots of attention from customers. The only problem is my customers always want to touch it and it smears fairly
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By John