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4.5 | 47 customer ratings
87% of the ratings are 4-stars or 5-stars
First Impressions of the #turbografx16 Level Hike HDMI Cable/RGB upscaler versus the Framemeister RGB HDMI Upscaler.
(For this comparison, all screen shots on the left side are done with the Framemeister using an RGB modded Turbo DUO. All pictures on the right side are done with the Level Hike HDMI adaptor. Using a base model
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By Chicago ArmySGT
This is the easiest way to play your TurboGrafx 16 on your HDTV. Note that I didn't say that it was also the best looking. This is just a simple upscaler that uses a composite signal, so don't expect an ULTRA CRISP image...this cable isn't for pixel peepers. That said, it does look much much better than using the only other option that
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By Biscuits & Schlitz
This is a great HDMI adapter for the cost and has the benefit of being simple and easy with no console mods needed. The aspect ratio switch is a welcome feature as well for those that need it. Picture is pretty sharp and clear since it's using the console's native RGB output, although I feel it does have a very slightly softer appearance
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By Who's on First
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4.1 | 21 customer ratings
81% of the ratings are 4-stars or 5-stars
I went in with some trepidation seeing as this is some off brand toys r us controller. Especially with the $30 price tag, and only 1 other review(thank you kind sir/ma'am) I had my doubts. Well 5hrs later and many games tested, i must say this thing holds up. I played street fighter 2 and final soldier on the pc engine using the included
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By Melissa Woeppel
- now works with Turbotap
- looks very similar to the original controller
- works a treat...when it works
- manufacturer responds to emails quickly
- the ‘II’ button quickly became unresponsive on 1 of the 2 controllers I ordered

Quality is inconsistent but the
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By jason flaman
I had high hopes for this controller when it arrived but unfortunately it barely worked with the original TurboGrafx-16 console that I own. It was a great idea in theory. I tried it with a number of games and was barely able to navigate through 1 minute of game play without the button functions crossing. If you are ok with the directional
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By Rebel Blackstone
3.8 | 10 customer ratings
73% of the ratings are 4-stars or 5-stars
I can remember walking into Toys R Us back when I was a kid with money in hand ready to buy the awesome machine. I had saved up all summer for a TurboExpress. When I got the the cosole section of the store there she was, all pretty sitting under the lights and behind the glass calling my name. Then my father decided to talk me out of buy
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By Robert J. Krake
The Turbo Express Arrived in Excellent condition. This Hand held game system is not new and was made in 1990 by NEC. If you never seen one of these and at all like the LYNX, Game Gear, Gameboy, PSP, DS and alike. Pick one up. They have some bad electrical parts int hem, but the net will show you how to fix them.

If you like
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By R. McMahon
I bought one of these from an Amazon Seller that was selling one with a broken speaker. The headphone jack worked but the speaker was not. I replaced the capacitors in the unit and brought it back to life. Some general soldering was required to do this. Putting together a few AM/FM radio kits back in college brought the whole experience
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By Qzack
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3.6 | 8 customer ratings
66% of the ratings are 4-stars or 5-stars
the turbografx 16 had an 8 bit processor but 2 16 bit graphics chips and 512 colors it was the first system with a cd rom drive the turbo has many killer cd games like dracula x considered the best castlevania ever many of the hucards were near arcade perfect aswell like cadash and ninja spirit bonk was the mascot for the turbo a
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By mikeg233
This is an old school video game that I enjoyed very much back in the day. Finding this was like finding lost treasure, I still have many of my old games and was able to easily hook it up and start gaming again.
Turbo Graphx is still as much fun as it was in early
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By Rodney Lyles
Description and photo states it comes with a video game. It was not
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By Jose Daniel Ramos Chaves