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4.7 | 4,202 customer ratings
94% of the ratings are 4-stars or 5-stars
I don't solder often but as I am into the R/C hobby there are times when I have to do some repair on the PCB of my R/C car or quadcopters. I heard about various fluxes you can buy that helps with the solder process. I'm sure I will experiment with different kinds but I initially bought this one because of the reviews. I have to say it
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By Bob Cho
It's flux. It works like it should.

It's more dense than many fluxes I've used, which is good, that means it will take less for the same job.

You can thin rosin flux and use it as a liquid, all you need is a solvent like isopropyl alcohol or acetone and add a little flux until it's the consistency you want, then use
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By NightFire
Rosin Paste Flux #135 in a 2 oz Jar

Need to tell the whole story to make this review worthy and why customer service matters.

I first order Rosin Paste Flux #35 because I needed an inexpensive flux to do every day soldering and DIY without breaking my wallet. When I got it delivered and looked at it my first thought
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By CiscoV
4.7 | 3,808 customer ratings
92% of the ratings are 4-stars or 5-stars
I thought I just sucked at soldering, but it was the craptastic lead-free solder I was using. Yes, I do care about the environment, but I also care about getting the job done right on the occasion that I need to fix a project around the house. This stuff works very well and doesn't have a bad smell when in
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By Aaron
The 0.8mm size is quite thin but useful for the small electronic projects and wire sculptures I do. The soldered joints are strong.
The solder is made of Tin (Sn) and Lead (Pb) with a rosin core flux. It is somewhat amusing that the label on the spool says " LEAD FREE
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By Angst Angstrum
This is some of the best solder I've ever used, it's identical to kester solder in preformance. I really really love this stuff, personally I think it flows even a little better then Kester solder in to multistrand wire. If you are a R/C hobbiest then you simply can not beat this solder.. I wish they sold 1lb spools of it as I would then
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By Sponsored 3D Heli & FPV Pilot
4.7 | 2,760 customer ratings
93% of the ratings are 4-stars or 5-stars
I had to put together a Raspberry Pi project with a ton of separate components and micro soldering for my son's school project. I haven't soldered anything since my young days soldering together slot car chassis out of brass tubing. I went to my local electronics store and they wanted nearly $50 for a roll of resin based solder. I found
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By Warren Ezra
been useing Radio Shack for years but now they are closed. found this and liked the reviews so i am trying. Seems to melt at a little lower temp witch is
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By Returning Amazon customer
As a new solderer, I figured the reason for my "cold" looking solder joints was the lack of experience. I was extremely frustrated as I used good flux, had a good temperature going, but still getting that cold looking joint. I watched a YouTube on how to fix this and his reasoning was that there's a lot of bad solder out there.
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By Jordan Justice
4.7 | 764 customer ratings
92% of the ratings are 4-stars or 5-stars
I bought this solder because I needed a smaller diameter solder to use on small circuits. However I am having a problem applying it in most situations. It tends to ball up and not want to adhere to the board. I am still experimenting with it but had to go back to the lead free, I had, for now, which does not leave clean shiny
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By Sailorman
So, when I buy solder, the last thing that crosses my mind is the case that it comes in. Usually, my fine solder comes in a little plastic tube with a hole in the top. It's perfectly adequate and, being honest, is just an afterthought. When I ordered this solder, I hadn't considered the tube at all and let me tell you... this is the best
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By Chevee Dodd
So long as you don't do anything stupid, this solder works great. It melts quick and has just the right amount of surface tension. So long as I don't overheat the part or melt too much solder I can breeze though long rows of pins extremely fast. Of course, if you screw up then you'll end up with a rather nasty glob that hard to clean, but
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By Reid Ballard III
4.7 | 750 customer ratings
93% of the ratings are 4-stars or 5-stars
I love these Weller gas soldering irons. The best thing is that it comes up to heat very quickly, no long spool up time as with electrics. Conversely it cools off quickly as well. These are very efficient with the fuel, I don't have to refill too often, you turn it on, solder, then turn it off, you don't keep it running continuously. It
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By J. Cobb
One of those tools that- once you've bought it- you don't know how you ever lived without it.

I initially planned on just getting one of those cheapo Radioshack butane soldering kits for the odd occasions that I need to solder wiring in my car, but was talked into this one by one of my cousins, who owns and uses an older
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By android
I would buy the Portasol Pro Piezo 75 kit, which has the same butane soldering unit, if I could have a do-over. This kit does not include the fine and broad solder tips that are included in the similarly priced Portasol 75 kit. That makes the Portasol 75 kit a better value considering the tips cost ~$12-$15 each if purchased separately.
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4.6 | 2,876 customer ratings
90% of the ratings are 4-stars or 5-stars
This is a nicely made, well priced set, with an iron that heats up quickly and has the advantage of the on/off switch being mounted on the cord. The included tools are useful and well made, and everything goes in an attractive carrying
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By Charles
Great value for the money. Used it to fix the jack on my electric guitar since the ground wire needed resoldering. I have a few suggestions for improvement. But first the th8ngs that I liked. I Love the cutter, and soldering iron, also like that it comes with solder. It happened to additionally include a red and black wire, which I
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By Tim o Tee
Purchased this to build a regenerative shortwave radio from parts kit. Soldering iron is very well made (adjustable temp) and kit includes everything I needed including solder and side cutters. Solder-removal tool works perfectly and everything came in a convenient case PLUS a metal soldering iron base. You simply cannot beat the quality
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By Fast Eddie
4.6 | 2,385 customer ratings
90% of the ratings are 4-stars or 5-stars
I am Navy trained solder technician and I can appreciate the quality and the items included in this kit. It has everything you need to do the occasional soldering repair around the house. It even came with military quality soldering wick and the amount of solder included in plenty sufficient to last you for a while. It even has a
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By WR213
I bought this kit in hopes of using it to replace some microswitches in a gaming mouse as it had started doing the dreaded doubleclick on the left/right mouse buttons. I've never used a soldering iron before so wasn't really sure what to expect. A lot of guides suggested models with temp controls on the base/digital temp selection but I
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By Zagerus
Unit melted as soon as I plugged it in... temp was on lowest setting.... do not recomend this to anyone... I'll be replacing my desk and my surge protector due to this... 300.00 later I still dont
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By kel
4.7 | 608 customer ratings
92% of the ratings are 4-stars or 5-stars
The brass tip cleaner has always worked perfectly for me.
No chance in cooling off the tip, and only a couple of plunges into the pad clean
any debris or trash from the tip, while maintaining a tinned tip.
If you solder a lot, you might find that they accumulate a bit of solder over time.
Simply remove the ball from
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By Sarah B.
I don't know why this works as well as it does, but every time I dip my solder iron into this spongy, metal mesh, it cleans the tip perfectly, leaving me with a nice, shiny soldering tip. This is an excellent product. It came with a couple of spare metal mesh balls/sponges, but I don't think I'll ever wear out the first
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By jderrico
Works great. Does a great job of keeping the solder gun tip clean regardless of solder gun temp. Used 6-8 times so far and the coiled brass is still in great shape. A few dabs in this, a touch of flux, and solder away! 5/5 - can't beat this product for the price, will save you lots of
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By Builder1992
4.6 | 2,055 customer ratings
91% of the ratings are 4-stars or 5-stars
LA-CO 22101 Regular Soldering Flux Paste, 2 oz

Though this is advertised for use with copper plumbing, it works well for soldering electrical connections.
I just dip the wire end that needs to be soldered and the flux helps with cleaning and tinning the wire before soldering it
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By Ajay
I am torch soldering copper jewelry with safety silv 45, I tried two types of fluxes before I found this one, one was 10+ years old and no good, the other was extremely overpriced from the jewelry making section of a craft store and gave the same results. I thought I was doing something wrong, until I tried this one. This works
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By Splatterdash
UPDATE 10/23/2019:

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4.6 | 1,918 customer ratings
89% of the ratings are 4-stars or 5-stars
I was left to decide between this and the Power Probe soldering iron. I use the Power Probe brand at work quite often, but with this being cheaper and with the spotty reliability of the Power Probe, I decided on this Dremel brand instead. The carrying case is very nice and comes with different ends for different types of projects. I think
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By Jordan Bruno
Very happy with this as a soldering iron. It is excellent! HOWEVER.... Soldering iron tips wear out which is to be expected. Dremel is not currently (May 2018) selling replacement tips. So buy it, use it, and when the tip wears out you have to replace the entire soldering iron, you cannot simply buy a replacement tip. The only way
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By E Michael
Really nice except....Dremel does not support it...I need a new soldering tip...can't buy any except $40 each on ebay. Dremel isn't in the soldering
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By Joe in Georgia
4.7 | 568 customer ratings
92% of the ratings are 4-stars or 5-stars
So relatively new to soldering because I recently got into the RC hobby and became pretty necessary for me to learn how to solder. Got a few cars now and they do require quite a bit of soldering once you really get into it so I’ve learned to solder pretty quickly and gone from a cheapo $10 iron to a Weller variable wattage and soon
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By Yammo
Very good quality. Contains the essential element of Lead. Do not chew, wash your hand when done, avoid breathing the smoke. If you are hysterical and live in California, you may or may not get cancer at one time of your, life. Not necessarily from this product, but from bring hysterical and living in California.
BTW, this is a
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By SheemOn Shapiro
This soldered just fine. Used it to build a megasquirt ECU and worked as it should. Smoked a little less but seemed to wick just fine. All joints are tight and well stuck
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By Ollbuster
4.6 | 1,728 customer ratings
90% of the ratings are 4-stars or 5-stars
Once I got the kit I immediately began using it. The kit itself comes with everything in the pictures, and is a great value on its own. I Swapped out the solder tip that came pre-installed for one that was a bit fatter, and over the course of my 2 days of use I used 2 of the several tips includes. Both worked fantastically.

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By Bobert
You can NOT possibly beat this deal. Everything, literally EVERYTHING, you need for a small soldering project is neatly packaged in the nice compact carrying case. If you go to a hardware store you'd pay the same or more for JUST the soldering iron device itself. Here's some highlights of the items included:

• Soldering Iron:
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By Drew Leo
It's not a great kit if you are doing fine detail soldering. I was hoping to repair some headphone cables which are multiple strands of very fine copper wire. The solder just runs right off it, no matter what I do. The flux that comes with it is not helpful.

I asked about it in some forums and was told this soldering iron
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By RadGH
4.7 | 490 customer ratings
95% of the ratings are 4-stars or 5-stars
The mat is overall very nice; it is thick, so you can use it being sure that you won't damage the surface on which you use it.
Now, don't think that you can do metalwork on it; the main purpose is for electronic usage, so this does not mean leave your iron on it because it will take it. Yes, it is heat resistant but it is not made of
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I use my mat for building and repair projects, especially when there are small, really tiny, or damn-near-invisible parts involved. I really like the separated areas on the mat for screws, parts and tools.
The only 2 things I would improve are:
1. The "lids" on the 3 "storage bins" at the top of my mat will *NOT* stay
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By Space Toast
Good mat, feels pretty solid, but the alligator clip came broken. I had an extra alligator clip, so I was able to fix it, but for 20 bucks I expected better. The storage compartments for small screws are a nice touch however I wish the workspace was a bit bigger. My ATX motherboard was hanging off the edges, and was wobbly because it had
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By G_Tech
4.6 | 1,067 customer ratings
90% of the ratings are 4-stars or 5-stars
Arrived on time. Everything works. Only complaints are that you need flux for desoldering wick, the large solder tip does not fit in holder, and the pliers are not strong at all. But for the money you can't beat it! Just dont pry hard with the pliers, and if you need to use the large solder tip, round out the hole until it fits. Bought
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By Ryan McKenna
Themp control knob so small I can't read it I'm old so my eyesight even with glasses makes it difficult to see the adjustment but I used the included magnifying glass to see it. It has all kinds of things included, a plus but I really only need the soldering gun and solder. And it worked perfectly as did the holding stand. I fixed my car
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By Douglas
It's time to talk about this soldering iron kit. It's been almost a year and a half since I bought it. Honestly, for the price, I wasn't really expecting a top of the line product, and it isn't. Nevertheless, for all the different accessories that it would not consider it the worst product..

- The soldering iron itself has been
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By Cristian
4.8 | 288 customer ratings
96% of the ratings are 4-stars or 5-stars
I bought this product based on the 1 or 2 very limited videos I could find from unknown reviewers I managed to turn up. It turned out they were from my home state of South Carolina. The feet on the arms of the one I received were different from the feet of the ones in the videos and the ones in the pictures on Amazon. I was a little
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By Tony B.
The is the Deluxe model of the QuadHands product and is fully manufactured in the USA (the General Vacuum Vise, also U.S. made, shown at the center of the pic, is a separate product). My order arrived safely packed, brand-new sealed, and delivered fast by Amazon.

This tool was brilliantly designed and manufactured in terms of
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By Alex Calderon
This Helping Hands set is exactly what I expected it to be after reading the description. It is heavy, solid, simple and well made.
Starting with the careful packaging, the attention to detail shows. Included is a small bag with non-scratch discs to place (at your option) on the magnet ends of the arms. There is also a small card
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By zolof911
4.6 | 718 customer ratings
92% of the ratings are 4-stars or 5-stars
This is impressive. The base weighs a lot more than I was expecting it to. Definitely a quality build. I was impressed with how fast this heats up. Turn it on and you are ready to go in about 10-15 seconds. No waiting around with this iron. It is nice to have adjustable temperature as well.

All the solder irons in the past I
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By McKay C
I have had this unit since before Christmas. It is a great unit, solid feeling with a nice handle. Most of the weight comes from a decent transformer, but the PCB board quality could be better. I think the tips it comes with are fine for what they are, but if you want a noticable improvement go get some genuine Hakko T18 tips (900M). They
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By Joel Aparicio
So far so good with this new Soldering Station, I’ve only used it a couple times so far and it works great, I have faith this machine will last a long time, fingers crossed, but it reeks of quality and feels solid, it’s like day & night vs my old 40 plus year old pencil stick one that takes around 5 minutes to heat up at nowhere near
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By David A Berry
4.5 | 6,686 customer ratings
89% of the ratings are 4-stars or 5-stars
I've been using a garbage tier 15w soldering iron for the better part of 10 years because I convinced myself it wasn't worth spending the $100+ for a good soldering station. I saw all the good reviews on this kit and the price made my jaw drop, so I tried it out.

I bought this primarily to repair my oven which had a shoddy
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By Keith
I was seriously surprised with how well this kit worked. My first project was replacing a broken headphone jack which required a very small soldering tip. Luckily the kit came with interchangeable tips and worked perfectly for this project.
Now keep in mind this is the first time using this iron so I cannot speak for its
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By Brian
Soldering Iron stopped heating on my second use. The first time I used it was for several hours at about 325F and it worked fine. This time, I am doing some desoldering, so turned up the temp to 350F and within 20 minutes, it stopped heating. I'm past the return window now (having some down time between projects), so I'm stuck with a
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By C. Scott
product price
4.5 | 3,077 customer ratings
89% of the ratings are 4-stars or 5-stars
I have used Weller Soldering products for 40 years now.

I first encountered a Weller Soldering Station when employed at a Naval Weapons Facility in the 1970's, and again at a Nuclear X--Ray Assembly Facility shortly afterwards.

I first learned to solder using my dad's huge soldering iron that dated from the 1940's,
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By Dave Hull
I use this for occasional, basic DIY fixes, and this station is well-suited to that, especially at a $40 price point.

+ Good for DIY, hobby, and occasional use
+ Good quality for the price
+ Weller is well-reputed and major brand, so a large variety of tips are available to suit almost any project

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Looks like Weller made a quick and dirty $40.00 off of me. I used this thing three times... I guess three times is the MTBF for the WLC100 40-Watt POS. I mean, I realize it is their budget iron but come on... really? Of course, I am outside of my Amazon return window so now I have to take this upline to Weller and waste my time.
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By Nikoli P.
4.5 | 2,610 customer ratings
89% of the ratings are 4-stars or 5-stars
This is a great little all around soldering iron. I use mine for electronic repairs. I’ve had 6 or 7 others over the last 35 years. Some were professional grade and expensive. This one holds its own and will do what you want it to. 60 watts is plenty of power for soldering all kinds of project.

I love all of the attachments
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By David H. Doty
For this price you should not expect industrial quality. I have not used it for the intended purpose yet (replacing the ludicrous soldered-in instrument panel bulbs in my 2004 Yukon - shame on GM for that). Anyway, here are some initial impressions.

- Soldering iron seems good, gets quite hot quickly.
- Nice to
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By Ted
Couldn't get hot enough to melt the solder it came with, even after turning up to highest setting (450 C). Instead of instructions it came with a flyer to give your email to a Chinese website for instructions. I liked the idea of a kit, but I'm returning this for a simple cheap soldering iron that actually
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By Caitlin
4.5 | 2,244 customer ratings
88% of the ratings are 4-stars or 5-stars
Ive used the some expensive irons and stations but 5 minute after getting this in the door i had made my solder connection i needed. No frills but has everything you need. I even used the tweezers to hold a wire because i didnt have my gator clip holders here. For the price... 300%
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By Simon Peter Couls
OK so I am not a professional PCB soldering junkie But I do know how to solder and what I am looking for when I buy a adjustable soldering unit. You can not compare this to a soldering station that is a totally different world when it comes to soldering, This holds heat it gets hot fast and it is stable on the long runs. The dial is hard
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By Anthony F.
I'm no electrician, and quite honestly, haven't needed a solder kit/iron for many years. After trying to borrow my Dad's solder iron, that just didn't warm up, I decided, what da heck, I'll just buy one. I just needed a solder iron, with solder, and needed some heat shrink tubing, for a small job. I guess what I'm trying to say is that
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By L Kao