Brooks Ryan

Brooks Ryan


Brooks Ryan grew up in a small Oklahoma town playing some sort of sport year round. Baseball was the preferred choice and being a son to a father who coached it at the college level for 38 years and Great-Nephew to the late Mickey Mantle, he was not short on experiencing it a different level than most. Brooks excelled at baseball, basketball, and football throughout high school and didn't began pursuing acting until later in his life even though he knew he wanted to act from the age of twelve after watching Good Will Hunting. He knew he wanted to perform and be a part of projects that could move people's emotions the way he had just been moved. For Brooks, the seed was planted. After four years of college baseball and obtaining an undergrad degree in Business Management and a Masters Degree in Sports Administration, he finally began pouring water over that seed through classes, workshops, seminars and other methods and is thankful to have been able to build his resume and career while staying in Oklahoma.



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