Christopher Soren Kelly

Christopher Soren Kelly

actor, director, writer, producer

Christopher Soren Kelly was born in Bloomington, IN and received a Ph.D. in philosophy from Colorado University, Boulder. He came to Los Angeles in 2008 to pursue a career in film. He is an actor, writer, and director, most well known for starring in cult science fiction films Ink (2009), Infinity Chamber (2016) and The Tangle (2021). He is also the writer and director of the award-winning The Tangle, as well as many award-wining short films. His next film Here Now Always is set for production in winter/spring 2022-23. The Tangle was Kelly's feature directorial debut and has been compared to other ground-breaking science fiction films. "A chess game of a film.... kind of like Inception or Memento... but honestly, I cannot think of anything that I've seen that is like this.." Kevin Scott, Echoes From the Void Kelly is well-known on the film festival circuit, having numerous awards and nominations including winning the Grand Jury Prize at Dances with Films for the film Monkeys (2015) and several wins for best actor for a variety of films. In 2008, he shot for over fifty days on the grueling low-budget masterpiece, Ink, playing two roles, including the title character Ink, and spending hours in the make-up chair each day. Kelly prepared for the action role with months of fight-training, using his background in Muay Thai boxing and Brazilian Ju-Jitsu to work with the fight choreographer the distinctive movement of Ink. The film earned Kelly rave reviews. "(Christopher Soren Kelly) does an outstanding job carrying the emotional weight of the movie on his shoulders. He has to span a remarkable range..." Ain't It Cool News "(Christopher Soren Kelly)'s Michael Keaton-ish delivery is standout." LA Weekly "John Sullivan is embodied effortlessly by Kelly..." Fangoria "(Christopher Soren Kelly): Here is an actor who knows how to use every subtle nuance of expression and body language to hit you with an emotional sledgehammer." Crimson Celluloid Ink went on to cult fame, once being the most illegally downloaded movie in the world and reaching top 20 in IMDB's Starmeter and considered "one of the best films of 2009". Kelly is well-known in the indie sci-fi/horror space -- playing significant or starring roles in features: The Portal (2011), Raw Cut (2013), The Frame (2014), Infinity Chamber (2016), Stadium Anthems (2018), Hoax (2019), The Hunter (2021), and The Tangle (2021). Kelly also teaches meditation in and around Los Angeles and online across the world. What he's learned from this work is a fundamental part of his approach to performance and art in general.



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