DeShon Hardy

DeShon Hardy

Director, Producer, Writer, Actor

Known for His first film "The Lake on Clinton Road" which yielded a worldwide distribution deal with Gravitas Ventures and was released on RedBox in 2015. The film also released in over 30 countries internationally and is available on all platforms including Pluto and Tubi. DeShon followed up with "Dwellers: The Curse of Pastor Stokes" which also yielded a worldwide distribution deal and was released in selected theaters. The film currently is on all platforms including Vudu and Apple TV. His third film "A Message from Brianna" starring Vernon Davis and Netflix's hit series Greenleaf star Asia'h Epperson is set to be released in theaters worldwide in December 2021. His fourth film "Dear Best Friend" starring Asia'h Epperson, Andra Fuller, Jeremy Meeks and Trina is set to release on Network Television top of the year 2022. DeShon jumped into the television space when he teamed up with Playerstv to produce and direct Chris Paul's new business reality show "The Front Office" .



  • Asia'h Epperson

    Asia'h Epperson

  • Vernon Davis

    Vernon Davis

  • Alan Bendich

    Alan Bendich

  • Stan J. Adams

    Stan J. Adams

  • Jeremy Meeks

    Jeremy Meeks

  • Andra Fuller

    Andra Fuller

  • Sydney Mitchell

    Sydney Mitchell

  • Cynthia Bailey

    Cynthia Bailey

  • Michael Michele

    Michael Michele

  • Kevin Benton

    Kevin Benton


  • Thriller
  • Drama
  • Horror