Joseph Cotten

Joseph Cotten

actor, writer

Born May 15, 1905 in Petersburg, Virginia, USA

In June 1981 while having a shower he felt something snap in his chest and fell to his knees. He eventually managed to get up and dry himself, He called his wife, Patricia, who rang the doctor who diagnosed a heart attack and stroke and said that he would never speak again.. At that point Joseph didn't even know Pat's name but somehow she managed to keep his condition secret and drove him each day to a speech therapist for treatment. and slowly he regained his voice. As at mid 1981 he was still having treatment and made regular visits to hospital wards and stroke clubs helping other stroke victims. His passion turned to sculpture which helped to keep his hands active,. His autobiography, 'Vanity Will Get You Somewhere' was published by Columbus Books in September 1987



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