Malin Mases Arvidsson

Malin Mases Arvidsson


Born February 19, 1978 in El Salvador

Malin Arvidsson is an actor and creator using her previous professional experience as a singer and dancer in her constantly growing portfolio. She works with everything from cinematic production and shows a la "Studio 54" to heavy classical movies on large scenes. At age 16, she was handpicked from the Ballet Academy Preparatory Vocational education to begin a career as a dancer for some of Sweden's most famous artists. After her graduation, she continued her education to become a dancer but also worked as a choreographer and background singer. At the age of 21 she decided to become an actor. She started her musical training at the Ballet Academy's musical line which was then followed up with a degree in Acting at The University of Gothenburg. Malin found her true "home" by combining strong acting with physical theater, dance and singing. Meanwhile at The University of Gothenburg Malin developed her own writing skills and set up her own first musical theater, which was about the search for an identity out of an adopted child's perspective. The subject was taken from her own life. When Malin was four months she was adopted from a war-torn Central American country by a Swedish family with strong musical and cultural interest. Malin has now worked on stage and with film for 17 years with tours all over Sweden, Scandinavia and Europe. She runs her own business who's main customers so far has been United Stage Artists, Stockholm City Theatre, The Royal Dramatic Theatre, SVT Drama and Filmlance International.


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