Shondrella Avery

Shondrella Avery

actress, producer

Born April 26, 1971 in Los Angeles, California, USA

Shondrella Avery was born in South Central Los Angeles, California, USA. Before her career in Hollywood, Shondrella was the youngest Senior Executive in Hospitality at HHC in BH, CA; while making a name for herself as a part-time model and a stand-up comic. She is a college graduate studying acting and went on to become an accomplished actress, producer, motivational speaker, and sickle cell disease advocate. Avery's, philanthropic SCD efforts elevated her to become a 2015 "Iconic Women," for Women's History Month appointed by Fendi and SCDA on behalf of her chapter Avery is notably known for her character "LaFawnduh," in the indie cult classic Napoleon Dynamite (2004), End of Watch (2012), Deja Vu (2006), The Secret Lives of Bees (2008) and T.V. Shows Girls Behaving Badly (2003) and One on One & Cuts (2003-2006). Avery has used her voice to narrate children's books for cancer patients and has had a national commercial as the voice of a Giraffe for Lowes. Avery has an accomplished list of indie Produced features and in 2021 she Co-Executive Produced the True Story of Bob Zellner a KKK's Grandson turned Civil Rights Activist under the lead Executive Producer's Frank Barwah and Oscar Winner Spike Lee, Directed by Barry Alexander Brown.



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