Stephen Lee

Stephen Lee


Born November 11, 1955 in Englewood, New Jersey, USA

Stephen Lee was born in Englewood New Jersey in 1955. Having lived in Europe the first 15 years of his life, Stephen comes from a "casino" background with his father selling and making slot machines. Stephen started acting when he came to the U.S in 1970 and eventually getting a partial scholarship to Avila College in Kansas City, Missouri. He has appeared in over 200 TV shows, 5 TV series and over 20 pilots. He has also played in 39 movies including: La Bamba (1987), WarGames (1983), Purple Hearts (1984), RoboCop 2 (1990), The Negotiator (1998), Dolls (1986) and many others. He speaks English, German, French and Spanish. His interests include golf, tennis, horseback riding (when time permits) and biking around his Sherman Oaks, CA neighborhood. His recent guest stars are NCIS (2003), Fear Itself (2008), Boston Legal (2004) (for which he received critical acclaim), Bones (2005) and 'Til Death (2006). He is grateful everyday for a roof over his head and hopes for a more prosperous future for himself and everyone who has experienced such hard times.



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