Virginia Hey

Virginia Hey


Born June 19, 1952 in Coogee, New South Wales, Australia

Australian former actress/high-fashion model, Virginia Hey, a very private person who is remarkably in her late 60s; however, her appearance is that of a stylish, elegant woman in her 50s! Miss Hey remarks that her height, strength, sharp mind and good genes come from her father, and her extraordinary bone structure, artistic talent and elegance from her mother. Miss Hey also attributes her good health in her 60s to the importance of maintaining well-being and staying trim, keeping an active mind and exercising regularly. In her disco-and-heels era, she smoked and socially drank, like everyone back then, but in 1990 Miss Hey made health and well-being her main priority, studying Naturopathy and changing her lifestyle. Virginia literally sparkles when she enters a room! George Miller, the director of Mad Max 2, said that Virginia has an energy that pours from her that cannot be manufactured. He said she has the ''it'' factor! Miss Hey didn't ever take advantage of that factor, she preferred to pursue art and Natural Medicine. Her modeling and acting jobs, she says, funded her studies. Miss Hey confesses to sometimes feeling awkward and shy, lacking in confidence. (A mere mortal after-all!) However, she stated that in her youth she had to develop a kind of ''site specific extrovert'' quality in order to work and socialize. (Comedian Robin Williams coined the phrase ''site specific extrovert'' when describing himself!) In her 60s she has reverted to a more mellow being, who now lives to explore art and gentle pursuits! Id say Miss Hey would be the perfect dinner party companion, mellow, sparkling with a fascinating history! Virginia is now retired and has settled back in London after 40 years! Virginia Hey, devotee of health and well-being, is best known for her roles on TV and film, however all throughout her adult life Virginia has has had varied interests, mainly all centered around well-being, style and design. She pursued her passion for studying natural therapies, Naturopathy, Reiki, Nutrition and Homoeopathy, and most recently had her own business designing and hand making luxury highly styled candles, perfume and soap. Miss Hey also loves fashion and style and in the '90s was a fashion editor/stylist for 2 magazines in Australia. About: Born in Sydney, Australia, Miss Hey was educated in private Catholic Convent schools in Sydney and London, boarding school for a year and then went on to study Fine Art at Kogragh, Sydney. Virginia spent many years as a child in England, her mother and father transported the whole family over to further the children's education, and every school holiday was spent exploring museums, art galleries and places of exquisite culture and architecture. At the time Miss Hey was between 9-14, and so her very first independent thoughts in that important growth period were formed from such exquisite art and beauty she experienced. No wonder Miss Hey is an incurable romantic! Miss Hey, as an adult, divided her time and education between her hometown and London. Virginia has an extensive bio and a 40-year track history with the entertainment, fashion, natural health and beauty industry in Australia and the UK. Her career in front of the camera started as a fashion model whilst she was attending a Fine Arts diploma course in Sydney Australia. It seemed that as soon as she stepped a foot outside her home as a 19-year-old she was pursued by the modeling an TV industry. She had astonishing good looks when she was young. Miss Hey soon she found herself snapped up by high-fashion magazines and TV adds. It was in the beginning of her career that she was invited to take a role in The Buggles video clip for ''Video Killed the Radio Star'' in London in 1979. Australian director Russell Mulcahey cast Virginia having seen her fashion modeling and TV add career in Australia.. The song went to number one in the charts all over the world, and the video was acclaimed as the very first MTV video clip! Virginia was also invited to be a part of the Buggles European TV promotional tour of their number one hit, and she performed with them as one of the backing singers on music TV shows in several countries. Also appearing on the UKs Top of The Pops October 1979, and again in the Christmas Top of the Pops show Dec 1979. Miss Hey's acting debut was less than a year later, back in Sydney, with Mel Gibson in the film classic The Road Warrior (1981)(aka "Mad Max 2: The Road Warrior") as the main-cast character "Warrior Woman". Since then, Ms. Hey has also appeared with numerous international stars, including George C. Scott in Mussolini, Heath Ledger in Roar, James Bond 007 Timothy Dalton in The Living Daylights The Living Daylights (1987), and Christopher Atkins in Signal One. One of the shinning lights of her career was playing the iconic blue priestess "Zhaan" a main-cast character in Farscape (1999)(1999-2004). In the '80s and '90s Virginia used her public spotlight to bring attention to environmental issues, natural health and beauty regimes, and was a regular popular fun guest on Australian chat shows, which led her in turn to begin teaching health, nutrition, beauty and meditation during her 40-year career in the public eye. In the mid-to-late '90s in between acting roles, due to her past at art school and as a supermodel, Virginia was in demand as a freelance fashion and still-life stylist, and then became a fashion editor in Sydney for "For Me" and "Bride to Be" magazines until she stepped into the iconic acting role of "Zhaan" on Farscape, for which she was nominated as Best Support Actress for a Saturn Award. Miss Hey was brought to the USA in 2001 on the wave of Farscape fan frenzy. Miss Hey received her "Alien of Extraordinary Ability" Greencard in 2002 and settled into Santa Monica, California, USA. While she was in the USA Virginia worked further on her design skills. Having made perfumes for herself for 30 years, Miss Hey was convinced by thousands of fans at conventions across the US to offer her perfume publicly. For 19 years Virginia worked tirelessly on two exquisite candle and perfume lines, White Flower Lei and Virginia Hey Couture, both launched in Fred Segal Los Angeles. In May 2012 she embarked on a Appearance tour of the UK for 3 years and eventually settled permanently back in the UK where she had spent much of her childhood and was based off and on in the '70s and '80s. Miss Hey lived in Scotland and Wiltshire for a few years, then recently (late 2019) moved back to London. Fan Favourite: Virginia, being a fan favorite at Comiccon appearances due to her friendly chatty disposition and extensive bio in TV and film, traveled extensively doing appearance dates at Comiccons each month throughout the UK, with occasional visits back to the USA to greet fans at Comiccon appearances. She has been a celebrity guest at hundreds of personal appearances at conventions all over the world. Royalties: Contrary to popular belief, Australian actors do not receive residuals or royalties for their Australian screen work. Which is astonishing if like Miss Hey the actors list of credits is extensive and almost every job is a commercial hit worldwide. This means that over 40 years royalties and residuals generated from 20 productions, all big long-running successes, should have generated millions for Miss Hey. Alas, all actors working in Australian productions, including Miss Hey, are paid the once for the job. And actors fees in Australia are nowhere near those of USA and UK actors. All royalties in the actors' names go to the producers. This is written into all actors contracts. The only exception is if the actor works on a SAG USA film/TV production within Australia, for example, The Matrix. However, nearly all productions within Australia have Australian Actors Union contacts which stipulate that all royalties and residuals are paid to the producers. The Australian Actors Union are fighting hard to reform this. It is an ongoing debate. This is why you'll see Australian successful actors all with multiple careers. Unlike their fellow USA actors who can literally retire on ONE TV commercials' residuals! Miss Hey had lead roles in 57 Australian TV adds, 17 commercial TV series and 8 commercial films. (Additionally she has acted in a few non commercial productions for friends over the years. These she does not refer to as commercial.) July 2020: Miss Hey is single, retired and living happily and peacefully in London, stating her favorite places in London as the V&A, Primrose Hill and Chelsea Physic Garden. To stay fit, Virginia loves walking in Londons beautiful parks and gardens, does a spot of gardening at home and attends 1 Zumba Gold class and 2 strength classes a week.

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