Amazon Photos: How to take everyday photos when you're busy

This is the first in a series of photography project ideas for Prime members.

We remember to take pictures of the 'big' moments in our lives, but our days are filled with small 'in-between' moments. It's those small moments that tell the full story of our lives, and are usually the easiest moments to forget about. Does this resonate with you?

Regardless of your experience, get 'day in the life' tips from Wenmei Hill, editorial manager at Digital Photography Review (, an Amazon subsidiary, to help you take photos when you're busy — especially if you're a pet owner or parent with small children. Make sure to keep your camera with you to capture the small moments that make up your day.

  • Pick a day that you know will be an ordinary day for you or your family — perhaps a Saturday when you don't have anything planned beyond getting out of bed.
  • Let everyone do what they normally do and try not to direct them to perform for your camera.
  • Take a few photos of each moment as you see it happening, including the quiet moments that occur in the background. You only need one or two photos of each moment.
  • Don't feel pressured to photograph everything! A big part of this project is how you become more actively tuned into what is happening. When you see something that you respond to emotionally, take a few photos. And then let the moment continue to unfold; don't feel compelled to keep shooting.
  • Look for details. Our memories are often filled with the smallest details that we don't even notice when the memory is being made. Curls, eyelashes, freckles ... all those tiny bits that make up your child right now, and that will change or disappear as your child grows.
  • Get in the photos! Hand the camera to someone else and take part in your 'ordinary' day, just as you normally would. You are an important part of your child's story, so make sure that you are included.

At the end of the day, you may have hundreds of photos or just a handful. Either is fine — the goal is to capture as complete a visual story of the day as possible. Pick your favorites and print them to always remember what an 'ordinary' day was like in your life. Or, save them. Prime members get unlimited photo storage and can easily share via email or to social media.

Wenmei Hill is editorial manager at Digital Photography Review.

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