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Reviewed in the United States on January 30, 2021
5 stars--WOW
4 stars--would read again
3 stars--was good, won't read again
2 stars--read it, but didn't enjoy it
1 star--didn't finish, it was so awful

Do I need to read books before this one: yes
Cliffhanger: no

Adam refuses to sleep with Mercy until she's talked with someone about her rape. Mercy's mom arrives, angry she learned about it in the news. Mercy explains she was a coyote for a few days, introduces Adam. Suddenly, something appears between Mom and Adam. It was a human-sized something, black and crunchy. It dropped to the floor, reeking of char, old blood, and rotten corpses. Mercy identifies Stefan only by his Scooby-Doo shirt. He manages to say, "She knows. Run." Mom's already got her gun aimed at him. Mercy tells her Stefan's a good guy, tells her a little about vampires while Adam feeds Stefan. Mercy gets Adam's phone so he can call more wolves to feed Stefan, then she answers the door. It's Amber, a friend she hasn't seen since college. She'd read about Mercy in the Spokane paper, remembered Mercy once saying she could see ghosts. She's come to ask for help because her house is haunted and it's focused on her 9yo son, Chad. Mercy says she has company, gets Amber's number. Mercy's concerned about the coincidental timing.

After Stefan's fed on Peter and Ben, the wolves get ready to take him to Adam's house. Mercy thanks them for saving Stefan. They did it because he saved them from the sorcerer. Adam kisses Mercy goodbye, she has a panic attack. Adam helps her, then leaves. Mercy tells Mom everything, excluding only Ben's name. Samuel comes home, tells Mercy's mom how she's really doing, will keep her updated. Mercy's mom agrees to go home.

The next day, Mercy sees her shop wall has been vandalized with graffiti. The door has an intricate painting of crossed bones. Zee helps her look at security feed. Tim's cousin did the graffiti, they can't see who did the bones. Zee will check with the fae. Adam picks her up after martial arts, invites her to dinner and dancing tomorrow. As they walk to his house, she's overcome by Stefan's thoughts. Adam, jealous, makes her pack, and the magic works. But now the politics begin. With werewolves uneasy and vampires after her, Mercy decides to go to Spokane to help Amber. There's only one supernatural there, a vampire named James Blackwood, the Monster. The odds are infinitesimal she'll meet him.

This series is growing in both character and plot complexity. Mercy's life is so tangled, I'm glad she's a mechanic so her mind can rest while her body does rote tasks. If she'd been a history teacher, dealing with teenagers and lesson plans and parents and homework, she'd go bonkers. Mercy learns more about a walker's magic, gains another fae ally, survives a vampire revolution, and becomes the Alpha's mate. A very engaging read!

To all who've read the first 3 books.

“Mercedes Athena Thompson,” snapped my mother. “Explain to me why I had to learn about what happened to you from a newspaper?” I’d been avoiding meeting her gaze, but once she three-named me, I had no choice.

Mom gave Samuel a stern look. “Now, I don’t know what’s going on between you and my daughter and Adam Hauptman—” “Neither do we,” I muttered. Samuel grinned. “We have it pretty well worked out as far as the sex goes—Adam gets it—someday—and I don’t. But the rest is still up for negotiation.” “Samuel Cornick,” I sputtered in disbelief. “That is my mother.”

But you can’t marry someone to fix him, even if you love them.

Like a Dr. Seuss poem, I scrambled under, around, and through before I got out the door.

Fear is a good thing. It teaches you not to make the same mistake twice. You counter it with knowledge.

Curiosity, Bran has told me more than once, might be as fatal for coyotes as it is for cats.

“Hey, watching good-looking men run around in tight-fitting costumes is high on my list of things I’d like to do before I die.”

If I were a vampire, I think I’d only wear black or dark brown—to hide the stains.

Adam was mine. I would take up all the burdens he could give me, even as he did the same with mine. It would be an equal sharing.

“So,” he murmured, “are you ticklish here?” Yep. Who’d have known it? I looked at my inner elbow as if I’d never seen it before.

Truth is without flourishes or manners, and runs with a logic all its own.

Samuel had a habit of checking pockets before he did laundry. Something about nuts and bolts in the dryer being irritatingly noisy—I thought that was directed at me, but I could have been paranoid.

Sex: 2 implied, very discreet
Language: 0 F words, 4 Lord's name in vain, 0 S words
Violence: tortures, vampire feedings (some without permission), kidnapping, murders, mind control, bar fight
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