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Reviewed in the United States 🇺🇸 on January 7, 2019
This product is hit or miss but mostly miss and it's mostly junk. My check engine came on (Chevy Cobalt 2005), so I got one of these. 1/10 of the time it said no codes or found codes but couldn't read them. Eventually after a dozen attempts, it actually pulled a code. A few months later, my girlfriends check engine light came on, I plugged it in and the same song and dance, except it was never able to read the code. On mine it atleast said 1 code found and then never read it, this one always says 0 codes found. (Despite her check engine light *flashing*).

Support on this is nonexistant, there are no software updates despite it having a USB port and the 'download' on the manufacturers website is an actual joke. Hilariously, if you download the file (which requires you to register and login) it's literally an archive file with HTML code, pictures, and CSS that says file not found in some other language.
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