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Reviewed in the United States on March 19, 2020
I'm so excited about this. I have a healthy curiosity for all things daddy, but the premise of this novella goes into pure euphoria territory. Come on, just picturing something like this in real life has me blushing, daydreaming and giggling like crazy.

The author, BH, has expanded on the revolutionary concept of setting up a gym run by dominants to cater to the need for discipline, structure and praise of subs. I can totally believe it! Does that make me naïve or just plain turned on? 😂

I don’t know, but I own it.

It's about this junior writer at a magazine who has to write a piece on this new Dom(inated) gym and finds herself going through a thorough work-out dictated by the hottest instructor Dom ever.

I devoured the story. It's so fun and sensual. I loved Amelia with her bratty reactions to the strange situation and her confused feelings prompted by the dynamics between Daddy and good girl. Dom is stern but his discipline would even tempt me into exercising! I think, but maybe some of those positions would just kill me 😂

It's not all sweating in the gym or without clothes, there’s also a sweet and inspiring theme of trust, inner strength and love. I really liked Amelia's true dream and how both their lives melded so well at the end. Really lovely and arousing. I wish I could read more stories out of this gym. A girl can dream 💜

(I read this as part of a previous anthology and I'm happy to share my honest opinion)
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