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Reviewed in the United States on May 16, 2020
First, let me say that I love all the Stephanie Bond books. And then, let me also say that I’ve just read the first two books in a new Gina Lamanna series (Kate Rosetti), where - to be fair to THIS book - I was feeling REALLLLLY sexually frustrated that someone wasn’t pushing someone else up against a wall and getting. it. on!

I love this series! But honestly, 10 & 11 could have really been one solid story. In 10, I felt like we were just truly getting somewhere and BAM! Over. I was totally caught off guard and dismayed at the abrupt ending.

And SPOILER ALERT . . . Stephanie Bond writes GREAT sex scenes. But I skipped right past Carlotta’s & Coop’s, as my mind likened the whole thing to a brother and sister in bed together - gag reflex and all.

Carlotta’s whole internal monologue throughout the book, just smacks of “settling” and convincing herself that Coop’s the guy for her. There was no excitement building up to time spent with Coop. Nothing that made me WANT it for her.

And, as another reviewer referenced, we know from Coma Girl, how Jack feels. So, this felt disappointing.

If 12 truly is the last, I hope it isn’t rushed. And I hope there is significant closure for all the characters we’ve grown to known and love. Poor Wes. The kid deserves some happiness - something that inspires him to become a better man.

Jack needs to take the bull by the horns - dang it!

Carlotta needs to tell the newest “little sister” where to shove it.

Perhaps Randall could use another punch or two to the face - because THAT felt GOOOOOOD!

Coop needs to find someone . . . Different. But amazing. Like a Wiccan Professional Animal Rescuer.

Call me. I have ideas. <wink>
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