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Reviewed in the United States on May 16, 2021
While I enjoyed Thanatos’ book because I really liked Dolan, I struggled with my feelings toward his leading lady Eve.

Dolan never got close to anyone. When he was ten years old, he witnessed his parents being assaulted then murdered, before he was assaulted himself and left for dead. He’d spent his entire adult life searching for the man responsible while performing his job duties as an assassin named after a god of death for Guardian. Dolan watched Eve as he was instructed, but he didn’t believe her innocence or naiveness. By the time he realized she really didn’t know anything, Eve was in danger and he was fighting the feelings he had developed for her.

At first I genuinely liked Eve. She had been dealt a horrible hand and was used and tested by the doctors that had lied to her for her entire life. She believed what she’d been told about having a rare cancer because she knew nothing else and had no reason to discount what the doctors had told her. When Eve learned how much danger she was truly in, and Dolan told her who he really was, I liked how she knew she could trust Dolan and how they became so close.

What I did not like was how Eve was adamant that killing was wrong and judged Dolan for protecting her and saving her life. The people he killed were trying to kill them, yet she acted all high and mighty and arrogant. At one point, there’s a man with a knife at her throat and Dolan has to quickly react to save her life. He was shot and stabbed in the process and nearly died, while several others lost their lives. Yet Eve’s response was to scream and back away from Dolan as if terrified of him because he didn’t allow the bad guys an opportunity to surrender. This was his job and so many lives were saved because of the people he eliminated. Eve was told the unbelievable things these men had done, yet she took months making Dolan feel bad about himself before coming back to him, but still giving him an ultimatum about never doing it again. Yeah, she was too weak for a man as strong as him.
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