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Reviewed in the United States on October 17, 2009
I have red the negative reviews concerning cheikh anta diop's book on this site and none of them argue about the validity and the veracity of the man's work. Indeed, even his most staunch historicist opponents have yet to bring about evidences to dismantle his theories.
However, the point of accusing him of "black racism", "black supremacism" is a typical tactic whenever a black man stands on his own and oppose, disregard, and clamps dowm the fallacies of Western Hegelianism. Up until the 18th century, it was an accepted fact in so far as to attribute an African origin to Greece and therefore Western civilization.The issue with Diop is that; he is showing that the African people are related historically and culturally while the Western world is just a tissue of ideological build up. The Founding Fathers of the American Republic where in majority comprised of Francs Macons, thus students of the African culture and civilization of Egypt. Why would the African people seek "assimilation" when their culture is rich enough to better the world?
Diop is no racist but an opponent to Racism for he himself states that the simplistic concept of "race" or "racial purety" has no validity whatsoever in the scientific sense.
The true purpose of Diop is to tell the blacks, African and all the people of the world who are oppressed that the only way for them to better their own lot is by accepting and re-understanding their own history and by applying the modern science and method of production for their own people. Therefore, the psychological Liberation precede the physical and even material Liberation. Up until these days, despite being free in America for example, very few African American are departing themselves from the 'system' they are attached to. We should not long for acceptance, fictituous egalitarianim or for some sort of redistribution of wealth by the State. Rather, we should seek to control and maintain our wealth through the capitalistic method and control over our education system and even religious belief. Mankind is indeed egal, but life is unequal.
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