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Reviewed in the United States on October 27, 2019
This book has disturbing misogynistic and racist themes that are not appropriate for children. The white male character (who coincidentally resembles the author) at one point walks into a dry cleaners, where a woman of color is working alone. He rudely demands that she wash his pants right now and states he will wait in his underwear. She tells him no, and that’s inappropriate, but he does it anyway. Then the woman is inexplicably happy that this rude man is standing in her store in his underwear against her explicit wishes, and she ultimately marries him. WTH?! So the messages are: white men can get away with anything, no doesn’t really mean no, and ultimately women will like it. Not appropriate. How in the world did this get through layers of agent, publisher, art director etc. with no one noticing how terrible this message is? Do not buy this book for your children.
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