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Reviewed in the United States on May 30, 2019
Anyone claiming that the green backed microsdxc cards are fake needs to do better research. In all of Sandisk's marketing, they show a green backed microsd with the "XC" instead of "HC". In all reviews from reputable websites show the same.

Secondly, anyone complaining about how there is missing storage doesn't understand how marketing of high capacity storage media works. They calculate size based on 1000 kilobyte per megabyte not 1024 kilobyte per megabyte. If you bought the 128GB model, your device would see it as 119GB because your device calculates it as 1024KB per 1MB. It's been done this way for decades.
Here's a list of most of the capacities that SanDisk sells with their corresponding "actual" size.

32GB = 29.8023GB
64GB = 59.6046GB
128GB = 119.2093GB
256GB = 238.4186GB
400GB = 372.529GB
1TB = 931.3226GB

When you buy a hard drive, you also don't get the full capacity for the same reason. This isn't just SanDisk.

Third, the speeds of the card are "UP TO" x and y read and write. It's highly dependant on what device you're using it in and even then, those are burst speeds, it's not intended to sustain that speed for longer than a few seconds.

It's really sad to see an incompetent reviewer up at the top spot when this is a genuinely high quality product.
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