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Reviewed in the United States on June 11, 2019
i Thought I would find “new” research and ideas for self learning prior to starting a course of study that’s pretty dry and technical. I’m in my 50s and everything here is pretty common sense stuff and the way we were taught to learn and study when I was in school. I have a background in adult education and I realize that today’s students are coming out of high school ill prepared to actually learn. They can memorize but that’s not learning, contrary to popular belief. I thought the research he spoke of would be cutting edge stuff and maybe I could get a technique or two to takeaway... not a thing I haven’t known for years. Research the author and find out what his credentials are and what he writes about. He’s merely popping out books based on other people’s research and not his area of expertise. Won’t buy any more of his work and wish they still had that Audible return policy.
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