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Reviewed in the United States 🇺🇸 on June 24, 2017
I am not normally a person to write reviews because I rarely feel strongly enough about a product to either rave about it or complain about it. The best thing I can say for this vacuum is that is is indeed truly awesome about deep carpet cleaning. My old Shark must have been dying long before I killed it by trying to use it like a shop-vac on spilled birdseed in the garage. This new one cleans like a champ but that is where my compliments stop.

It is heavy and cumbersome to maneuver. My old Shark was a breeze to use - this one takes EFFORT. While is is propelled on carpet - it does not swivel as easily as the old one and on hard floors with no propulsion it is quite a struggle.

Then there are the irritants. The little notch that is supposed to keep the cord up off the floor is useless. If the cord even lightly brushes my knee or gets around a piece of furniture the cord pops out of the holder and has to be reset. It the course of an hour of vacuuming this morning I had to hook it back 10-12 times which is a nuisance.

Likewise the clip that is supposed to hold the hose to keep it from flopping about is useless. It does not stay attached and also has to be reattached regularly.

The dust cup also seems to be a lot smaller than the old one. Might be that it fills more often because the vacuum is pulling more dirt or that it looks smaller being square instead of round. Either way I used to empty it twice - now I need to do 3 - even with one fewer pets in the house.

I will not return it - will learn to live with it- but it is a disappointment after a Shark that I LOVED.
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