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Reviewed in the United States on June 26, 2020
I really like these a lot. I am not a "music aficionado" like my kids. I enjoy listening to music while I do yard work and while working at home. I was hopeful the noise cancelling would help down out the household noise ( I mean my kids and dogs) while I worked. I am very pleased with these.
Charging: They keep a great charge and the case is convenient. I love the read out that not only tells you the charge of the case but also each ear piece.
Touchscreen: My only challenge was figuring out the touchscreen. At first every time I adjusted the earphones I would pause the music, but I've gotten used to where I can touch.
Fit:. They fit well. I've never used wireless earphones before, and at first was constantly adjusting them, afraid they would fall out.
They never have fallen out and they are quite comfortable. Even after working up a sweat they stay put very well.
Sound:. To my ear they sound great! I've listened to everything from classical to heavy rock and have been pleased. There's a good rich sound, nothing flat or muted.
Noise cancelling: I don't recall if these are supposed to be active or inactive noise cancelling. If they are in your ears properly then quite a bit of outside noises are filtered out. I often wear these while mowing the lawn. While I can still hear the mower, it's very muted and I can just barely hear if the mower hits something.
Overall, I think these are a great buy.
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3.9 out of 5
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