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Reviewed in the United States on July 6, 2017
I bought this for my son who lives in Wisconsin who took a job working in a factory 12 hours a day and wanted to listen to music and podcasts rather than listen to the machines in the background all day. I chose this because it advertised such an incredibly long battery life and it worked great until day 31! Now... I have seen people say that in reviews and have never believed it...I assumed it was exaggeration because how could a machine or product just die right after a return date expires...until my son had to call me on the phone and asked if it was still okay to return it because it had stopped holding a charge the night before at work and it was literally one day past the return policy. I feel so scammed. He had to go out and buy an Apple iPod and shouldn't have had to do that because this should have done what he needed. Never again will I buy imported junk. Wasted my money and all the HOURS he invested loading and converting all his iTunes to a format this would took days to convert the music so it is NOT a replacement for iPods and does not play iTunes without a third party converter app one song at a time.
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