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Reviewed in the United States on August 29, 2017
When you buy "deluxe" mixed nuts you expect a fair mix of nuts. Well, this is about 60-80% almonds, and not very good ones at that. In an entire 44 ounce bag I found a grand total of 4 Brasil nuts, a pittance of hazelnuts, and a few broken pecan pieces.

This should really be sold as "A Bag of Almonds With Some Cashews and A Few Random Bits of Other Nuts". Not deluxe at all.

For a better product, and a better deal, buy Costco's "Extra Fancy Mixed Nuts". The balance of nuts is much more even and the quality of the nuts is much higher. The almonds are crunchier and slightly more toasted, making them delicious. The cashews are huge, which is always welcome. The hazelnuts are gone, replaced with macadamia nuts, a true "deluxe" nut. And there are plenty of pecans and Brasil nuts in this. It's so much better than Happy Belly that Amazon should either drop or change their product in embarrassment.
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