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Reviewed in the United States on June 11, 2017
I wish I didn't pay money for this.

The heroine's parents die leaving her to rule alone. Her powerful godfather could help or advise but instead he goes off for three years leaving her unprotected and unsupported in the hands of two unscrupulous people. The first is a greedy priest who wants all her wealth for the church and tries to block her using it to help the poor and starving. The second is a sadistic sheriff who ignores her laws and tortures and murders without censure because she has no help to stop him. Thanks godfather.

The heroine is rather silly and not very interesting anyway so I got tired of waiting for a Hea.

Oh also in the prequel she and a neighbor fall in love but find out she is promised to the church so they can't marry. He says he will love her forever. Here 3 years later we find she can marry if she finds love before her 18th birthday. But the neighbor just got married so too bad. What was the point of the prequel at all? I wasted money on that one too.
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