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Reviewed in the United States on July 18, 2020
Listen - Avatar: The Last Airbender changed my life. While I didn't watch the show on Nickelodeon when it was released, I did watch it as a college kid. One of my best college buddies made me watch the whole series, and I absolutely loved it - so much so, that I have a super cool ATLA tattoo on my side. Yep, I am a fan!
If you are like me, and you were itching for a continuation of the ATLA storyline, then you're in luck. The comic series is absolutely PHENOMENAL. The writing is true to the show, and the illustrations are well done. I feel like I am watching the show, only in comic book form.
I have since purchased all the library editions of the comics. The library editions are worth the extra money; they are so beautifully bounded. They make for a nice collection on your bookshelf!
As for the story...this series is setting up the creation of Republic City, for all you Korra fans. I didn't finish LOK, because it didn't have the same 'feel' as ATLA...but I am curious to revisit the show after reading these books.
(PS - I read the promise years ago, and subsequently, kept buying the books and letting them sit on my shelf and collect dust...I recently rewatched the show and then read all the books in order. So worth it!)
A must-have for all the ATLA fans! Enjoy this much-needed continuation of the best child's show ever made.
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