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Reviewed in the United States on February 18, 2018
Another successful outing for C J Box in his long-running Joe Pickett Series.

Although there is an improbable encounter between Pickett, his daughter Sheridan and Family Protector Nate Romanowski in the dry desert of souther Wyoming, this book is well paced and keeps you in the story.

As usual, Box successfully makes the outdoors a part of the story. His description of the Red Desert of Wyoming, a place I had never heard of before, is fascinating and makes me want to visit to explore at some point. This story brings Wyoming's outdoor culture and modern day terrorists together in a believable tale of the development of a terrorist plot against critical American infrastructure. Fans of "false-flag" spy stories will appreciate the turn the story takes near the end with the chief (dupe) provocateur.

As usual, Romanowski is a critical and fascinating figure around who this tale turns. Pickett remains the guidon of probity and right; his every-man qualities and shortcomings making him again a tremendously sympathetic figure easy to relate to. The story moves and has Box's usual mix of great characters, twists and turns, a well described landscape critical to the tale and touches of larger contemporary questions facing civil society.
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