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Reviewed in the United States on June 8, 2016
I really wanted to like this, and if I'd known the source material, maybe I would have liked it, or at least better, but now we'll never know.

Five episodes in and so far it makes no sense. If it is urgent that Frank show up for his factory job at the totalitarian world, why is his friend able to cover for him with no reprisals? Doesn’t exactly help us believe in the high stakes of retribution/world closing in on him.

Why would you have so relative little action between the Japanese and German overlord characters? Isn't this setup a prime conflict ground?

Frank’s friend says it is “urgent” that Juliana get back to town – in 1962, mind; what does he want her to do - hope aboard a space satellite at Cape Carnaveral? Juliana is traveling somewhere in the wilds of small town open Americana, on the slow bus, and kicked off the bus in the middle of nowhere by Japanese soldiers – 2 minutes later she is arriving in her home town, no explanation as to how (unless I fell asleep and missed an episode – I really don’t think I did), and the gaping prior bullet wound Frank had 2 minutes ago, is mysteriously 100% healed?

This is ridiculous. Don’t waste your time.
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