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Reviewed in the United States on August 14, 2020
I used this to test all of my house outlets. I found one that had reversed wiring, so it was definitely worth it. I was also able to independently test the GFCI outlet functions, and not just rely on the test buttons built into those outlets. I don't have any AFCI outlets so I can't try that test function.

Tester is easy to handle and small enough to reach most outlets. Cord length is short but acceptable given the function of this tester. An extension cord may be needed for reaching outlets where there is not enough space to fit the tester, or where the tester display needs to be located far from the outlet for easier viewing of the status lights.

The build quality is good. The tester display just has simple lights but they are easy to see and understand.

The main downside is that the tester turns itself off too quickly. This frequently happened right when I plug it into an outlet. According to the instructions, the tester shouldn't be turned on while it is plugged into an outlet, so it's a little annoying and a slight waste of time every time it turns off to pull it back out, turn it on, and then push it back into an outlet. It would be great if there was a way to adjust the amount of time it can be idle before it turns itself off.
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