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Reviewed in the United States on January 12, 2021
I see that a lot of people had a hard time using this product, but it is very easy! I will leave some helpful tips down below. This works for all textures, mattes, shiny, and glitter!

When trying to pick up the vinyl onto the transfer tape...
1. Place transfer tape on vinyl and use a scraping tool or a credit card to adhere both together.
2. Flip the whole thing over and peel the backing on the vinyl off. TIP: pull the backing almost 180 degrees opposite of how it was laying. While you’re peeling the backing off, lightly press down and pull. If you notice the vinyl is not releasing from the backing, then press down tighter on the backing (without folding it/making a crease) and pull. Keep doing this method until you have successfully transferred the vinyl onto the tape.

When placing the vinyl down onto crafting surface...
1. Place transfer tape with product down onto a clean and smooth surface.
2. Use scraping tool or credit card to adhere vinyl to the surface.
3. Pull the transfer tape back 180 degrees, using the same method above especially if you have a hard time releasing the vinyl. If it won’t stick, go back to step 2.

Hope this was helpful for you all. I will try to add a video when I have some free time. Let me know if this was helpful to you! HAPPY CRAFTING!
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