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Reviewed in the United States on November 17, 2018
This story opens with an explosive start and the thrills just keep on coming after that. But it wasn’t all just a roller coaster of action. The main character of Rowan is well developed, first as a young girl encountering trouble and betrayal, and learning that something dark lurks inside her. The story then moves forward five years, to a troubled young woman who has been on the run for most of her life thanks to a hidden past. She is wary of others, for good reason, and has to navigate the edges of society to protect herself and her mother from those who are hunting her.
Rowan has unusual abilities, abilities that set her apart from those around her and also make her a target. But it is when she meets someone who seems to know who and what she is that propels her on a journey of self-discovery she is not prepared for. Watching Rowan as she grappled with the darkness inside her, while trying to discover the truth about who she was, made for an interesting and intriguing read. I liked that she wasn’t perfect, her flaws bringing her to life. She had limitations on her powers and made errors of judgement. But she also owned up to the fact that she had made mistakes and was doing her best to protect her mother no matter what. This made her a likeable character, and one I could relate to.
The actions scenes were intense and realistic, putting me in the middle of the story even as I cringed in anticipation of when Rowan would discover how she had been deceived and who by. For Rowan, the story is one of self-discovery in which each new revelation pushes her further from the person she had believed herself to be. Yet rather than let her spirit be crushed by what she discovers, Rowan is determined to keep on fighting, to keep those she cares about safe. I am looking forward to reading the next book in the series to discover what new adventures Rowan becomes caught up in during her quest for the truth and to be free of her enemies.
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