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Reviewed in the United States on June 14, 2021
3.5 stars. The story delivered on a lovers to enemies to lovers premise. I knew it’d be darkish and that I’d hate Malachi. It’s the flashbacks that redeem Malachi to show what a doting boyfriend he used to be for Isla. Otherwise, modern day Malachi is diabolical and cruel even though it mostly stems from pain and severe heartbreak with a desire to punish. I really liked Isla and rooted for her, knowing that her gut was not wrong and something terrible happened. However, the book didn’t quite deliver on a few fronts. Isla has her opportunity to be vengeful in return and while I love a heroine who doesn’t take crap lying down, she was a bit overboard, as was Malachi in his remorse although he deserved to suffer a little bit. Regarding the tying up of loose ends, that wasn’t well elaborated, like did Ernesto finally learn the truth about his daughter? What about the progress of Isla seeking help and recovering from her ordeals? How about Isla being able to eventually have a family? It felt inconclusive in certain parts, but there was no doubt about where Isla and Malachi stood with each other in the end after so much suffering and separation and near losses.
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