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Reviewed in the United States on August 6, 2008
I created a review for this book back when it came out, and I was clearly high when I wrote it!

Let’s start out with the positive: Meyer created her own world and vampire mythology. After that the story (and the series as a whole) goes downhill from there.

Firstly, who edited this book? I love multiple perspectives when done right, and this wasn’t done right. I shouldn’t flip between characters and have the same information regurgitated with only small pieces of differing information throughout. The reader can actually skip huge chunks of the story and still know exactly what is going on within the story. The only POV character that wasn’t static was Jacob, so that’s the portion of the book that I enjoyed. So that being said, the book’s 700+ pages could have easily been pared down to 200 to 300 pages.

My second issue with the book is that there was no research done. In all the books there was no research done! I’m not talking about Masters level research; I’m talking about a quick google search. Saying a small island is on a certain side of a land mass when that land is clearly landlocked is a pretty big, huh moment. I didn’t realize the mistake until someone pointed it out because I actually skipped over that part. Also, what does “Russet colored” mean to Meyer? Not all Native American are reddish-brown, and again, a quick google search would have confirmed this. I get this is a fantasy novel, but it’s an urban fantasy which means she should’ve had some real-to-life facts. For instance, she pulled in actual vampire lore to flesh out the mythology of her vampires, but didn’t note that some of the legends she pulled from had nothing to do with vampires: Supernatural beings, yes, but not vampires. She also tried to add some genetics into the mix, but I kept thinking, “I don’t think that works how you think it does.”

She crammed so much of this new information into this last book that she didn’t seem to realize it contradicted what she said in prior books. For instance, vampire venom replaces all fluids in the body. So, how did Bella get pregnant without turning into a vampire? Vampire men can continuously reproduce while Vampire women can’t reproduce. How is that possible? Her reasoning is that Vampire women’s bodies don’t change even though they genetically changed when they became vampires. Also, how was the ability for male vampire to mate with human females a surprise? Was Meyer saying that in the entire world only two male vampires decided to try out human females? But, that couldn’t be possible because there’s all this exposition about why female vampires can’t mate.

My biggest complaint has always been Edward's and Bella's behavior. Bella isn’t mature, nice, or caring. She describes those around her in the most unflattering ways, including her “friends.” She actually admits that she’s manipulating Jacob! She states that she can’t let him go when in actuality she could, if she was really the adult everyone claims she is. She also doesn’t consider her father’s feelings and expectations. So, to me she acted like a stereotypical teen who thinks she grown. Edward is a stalker and does everything an abuser would do, except hit her. He ripped the engine out of her car because he wasn't okay with her going places he didn't approve, isolated her from what friends she did have, and made his family her whole world...She decided to jump off mountains.
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