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Reviewed in the United States on October 9, 2017
The only story I've read in this book so far is by the author I bought the book for in the first place: Faith Hunter. I flipped right to that story and read it first.

The title of her newest short story is, "She Bitch, Killer of Kits", and it is set in the Jane Yellowrock universe, featuring (you guessed it: Jane Yellowrock - a 6 ft tall, rail thin Cherokee Native American with very long, straight black hair, and golden yellow eyes whom had been a 5 y.o. child on the Trail of Tears). Jane is also a skinwalker, but what sets her apart from other skinwalker's (IF there are any others left) is the fact that she has also accidentally merged with the soul of a female puma con color (think an unintentional fusion dance from Dragonball Z) whom is known as Beast. (Who is also best hunter!). Due to the resident big cat soul also residing inside her, the inside of Jane's head/mind can be a very crowded place, with the occasional arguments at times.

If you haven't read this series yet I highly recommend it - but heed my warning: it is highly addictive! You will be sucked in immediately, and often lose sleep in order to find out what happens next. The series is filled with many believable, unique and highly individual characters that will make you return again and again saying to yourself, " Just one more page ... Chapter ... Book ... ".

I may even get around to reading the other stories in this book too!

As Jane is my all-time-favorite fictional book character (with the exception of Beast, who really is #1 title holder, however for a humanoid Jane wins) I had to own ALL the Jane Yellowrock books and short stories, and this short story does not disappoint.

Check it out, you'll love it!
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