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Reviewed in the United States on March 14, 2021
Once again, fairly disappointed. I loved the Great Houses of Dune series, the Schools series was also excellent, Machine War was meh, but this and Hunters of, both just predictable and, more than anything, a massive disservice to the personalities of Dune longstanding. I could predict the outcome of the paranoid hypotheticals the second any hint could be provided, yet the renowned intelligence of characters like Duncan Idaho and Miles Teg, not to mention the BG mothers who exist as tools of intrigue cannot deduce the most simple of mysteries and connections which are flagrantly obvious. I find it hard to be compelled forward to discover the answer to mysteries a ten year old (and not a reawakening Teg ghola, mind you) could solve, and given that, this book does a huge disservice to characters of such renown.
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