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Reviewed in the United States on August 20, 2016
I actually don't mind serials where each book leads into the next one and where no book is actually an entire story unto itself, but I like to be WARNED when this is the case. Only *one* story in this collection is a complete read. The rest are cliffies... Several of these reads are really good, a few are engrossing, some I couldn't bother finishing, but it is worth the price (for me, free) and most of the time spent sifting through the words. I say go for it, just be aware that only ONE book is an actual complete work.

The first "book", I Bring the Fire, isn't actually so much a "book" as a, extremely long partial story where you have to buy the next "book" to hopefully have any closure. It ends on a cliffie (the Part 1 is kind of a giveaway), so if you like that sort of thing...

The next one, Chosen, is also not a complete story.

The Hunted One, the next one, was too depressing to bother reading, but I caught the tale end of it and it, too, has no actual resolution.

Things Unseen...also ends on a cliffy. I'm sensing a "none of these works are actual complete books but were released so that hopefully readers will get hooked and buy the next in the series" pattern here...

Way of the Wolf was gross. I didn't bother reading much of it.

Eros - I kind of agree with Coop. Forcing people to "love" each other is just wrong but the sanctimonious gods who enjoy jerking people around disagree and so torture him into falling in with the company line. Could have been a very good book - interesting angle, a few fun tangents - if half the fat had been chopped out as it seemed to drag on forever in too many places. Skipping and skimming helped somewhat as it seemed the author was determined to use <all> the words. Ugh, I gave up on it before Part 11 and skipped to the end. Sorry. It was too much like repeatedly picking at a sore scab. Fastforward past umpteen million words and there is an actual ending to this book and it's a nice ending. If I had to rate this book on its own, I'd give it a solid 4 out of 5 stars - its rating shouldn't suffer because of my impatience.

The Wild Hunt - yet another "here's a cliffie so you'll buy the next book"

A Demon Bound - Technically it was finished but felt unfinished because of the Epilogue.

Vampire Addiction - *sigh* Cliffie/buy-next-book teaser again

Valkyrie's Vengeance - *double sigh* Yet another cliffie designed to sell the next book. Could have been a great story if it'd had a conclusion.

The Noru - This book with the silly name drove me crazy with the constant repetition of the character's names to each other as though no one would have any idea of each other's names unless they were constantly repeated over and over and over and over and over again. I'm sure you will be shocked to learn that it's also an unfinished cliffie.

Elsker - Yup, a cliffie-book. Has great angles to it, though.

Blood Debt - Yup. You know that pattern I was sensing? Yup.
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