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Reviewed in the United States on July 8, 2021
Reluctant at first, I decided to keep this product and give it a chance. I was expecting a more silicon based product, but this is actually a stretchy fabric in entirety, and offers no traction for a handheld object. The adhesion does not hold well to my Otterbox or even the fiberglass of the phone itself. One fair tug and it pops off. That could be a security issues if it results in a lost or detachable wallet that holds ID, credit card, etc.. Furthermore, the soft stretchy fabric makes the phone more difficult to hold because it is slick. Holding the phone seems unstable because the wallet is not easy to grasp onto, and wants to slide out of hands. Overall, I'm disappointment in this product. It is not exactly what I was expecting. I'll find another use for the wallet, but it is not idea for the cell phone wallet it is designed to be. Business cards maybe, but not personal financial or identification cards.
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