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Reviewed in the United States on February 13, 2013
I am so sad that I finished the last book! I absolutely loved spending time with these characters! This is one of those books that you feel like you know the characters and are unable to tell anyone that you are almost grieving when you finish it and they are no longer a part of your life. Non-readers really don't get it!

The first book got me hooked, the second expanded on everything from the first and added so much more and by the third I was counting Myranda as my friend, Myn as my puppy and Ivy as someone to protect and cuddle. But beware the spines!

These books took us on a ride across a new world filled with war and despair with only our heroes to bring brightness to this grey, cold, sad land. So many times it seemed all was lost, and sometimes it was, but most of our heroes pulled through. I don't want to give anything away so it is hard to really tell you what I think, but it's important that you experience this story for yourself without me spoiling any surprises.

Now, once again, there are a lot of editing errors in the Kindle edition. Words left out, words evidently left in after the sentence was edited. These are errors that should have been picked up. The most annoying though is when our heroes are in a battle and the focus is jumping back and forth from one character to another it is hard to follow with no breaks between paragraphs. We are in a pitched battle between Myranda and one of the Generals when the next paragraph we are with Ivy as she scans the battle field. If there had been a break, a double space, between the two paragraphs it would have been much easier to follow. At first I thought Myranda had broken off from her battle to look around! This may have been just a Kindle edition problem; it seems to happen a lot with Kindle books. One of the Sword of Truth series books had no breaks; paragraphs even ran together with no spacing or tabs at all. I found by the end of that SOT book I no longer noticed it!

So, in the end, I highly recommend this series. And, now, I have to go find someone else to have lunch with tomorrow!
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