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Reviewed in the United States on December 8, 2020
I really wanted to like this. First I must say thank goodness for Amazon customer service. Ninja customer service is so bad it might as well be no existent. This grill is supposed to be smokeless. After try 3 separate grill only cooking a ribeye with salt and pepper no oil this thing sets off all the smoke alarms in the house. With the time I wasted talking with Ninja I could have paid for the most expensive outdoor grill you can buy. Amazon even called Ninja with me twice to try and solve the problem. I even felt sorry for them. If it looks to good to be true on TV it usually is. I have a Ninja foodie that works great. But since my multiple month experience with Ninja customer service about their grill it now leaves a bad taste. Buyers beware. A big thanks to Amazon customer service for all their help. Ninja no more ever.
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