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Reviewed in the United States 🇺🇸 on November 1, 2015
I've always been a science geek and most interested in Biology, especially human anatomy and physiology. I also love detective shows, especially those that use science and careful observation to solve the case and put the bad guy away. So Judy Melinek's book on her experience as a NYC medical examiner in training was a perfect read for me. The whole book was riveting, combining vivid descriptions of her gruesome and sometimes heart-rending work with just enough of her thoughts, emotions, and life story to keep it from being a cold, detached account. Each chapter was excellent but the last chapters were the best of all, detailing her work of helping to examine and catalog the remains of the World Trade Center massacre and the Queens disaster, the crash of Flight 300. Highly recommend it to all who have a strong stomach!
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