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Reviewed in the United States on August 2, 2020
After wearing a couple pairs this week, I'll probably return the two packs I bought. For the record, I'm a 6-1 guy with big thighs and was going for something I could wear under jeans for work and shorts for working out, that would give proper support and prevent chafing. I usually buy Hanes, but find their fit to vary by color, even in the same pack of shorts.

The good:
Colors and stitching are fine
Quality materials
Extra long, goes down almost to my knees
No ride up or roll up on the legs

The bad:
TOO tight around the thighs(they basically wouldn't come up past just above the knee and showed below my shorts when I ran)
Too lose around the waist (with the thighs so tight, the waist would just get pulled down as the day went on)
Lines and fit not flattering(according to my wife anyway, who normally has no complaints)
Not enough support(maybe a product or tight legs and loose waist, but kinda feels like wearing regular boxers in terms of support)

Potentially unrelated... After wearing a(new, freshly washed) pair all day, I developed a bit of an... itch... I showered and put on another new pair, but it continued through the night and the next day. The itch immediately subsided, though still lingered a bit, after I stopped wearing these. It could be nothing but I also might be having a reaction to the materials. I never has this issue with other neoprene compression shorts, so I'll probably be returning these shortly to be safe.
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