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Reviewed in the United States on July 21, 2018
I was really disappointed with this book. I liked the first in the series, but this one really fell flat. It took way too long for the story to begin. I was over 25% in before the murder mystery finally started. The plot was very simplistic. Ashley and her grandpa run a B&B on their well preserved plantation. The murder happens just after the annual reenactment of a civil war skirmish that occurred on the property. One of the reenactors is missing and turns up dead the next day. Jake, our hero, is part of a quasi governmental group that investigates events with a paranormal side. Despite this, when Ashley realizes her dead relative is talking to her, she never asks the paranormal team about it. She just worries about it.

Jake is the man Ashley pushed away. He tried to give her a message from her newly dead father and she freaked out and broke up with him, although she never stopped loving him. Jake is steadfast and boring. There's really nothing special about him. Jake is your standard interchangeable tall, dark, and handsome hero. Ashley is pretty dumb. She has sex with Jake without a condom or even a talk about basic safety. There's two incredible TSTL moments at the end.

There was a lot of dumb, but the TSTL stuff was so annoying I had to give this book two stars.
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