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Reviewed in the United States on April 21, 2016
What Worked For Me:
Once again Lexi Blake proves why I absolutely ADORE this series! It has everything I love in a book, no matter the size…a great plot, amazing characters, passion, chemistry, smoking hot sex, laughter, a little angst, love, and an unbelievable happily ever after! Flynn and Amy are dynamite. They are paired up at sanctum as training partners and Flynn is suspicious of Amy, as he knows who she is. She, however, has no clue who he is in the business world. But, their instant attraction can’t be denied and they build on that and it works for both of them. He becomes her safe harbor and he finds he can’t deny how much he wants her, no matter how much he thinks she may be playing him. They have a sweet and passionate relationship that is rooted in BDSM but it is not as hardcore as some of the other relationships I’ve read in this series and I really, really like it. It worked well for them. However, when Amy finds out who Flynn is….WOW, watch out! You don’t want to miss reading this. Flynn makes a sacrifice that makes me swoon so make sure you pick up this book! I enjoyed very much catching up on a few glimpses into the lives of other characters from past Masters and Mercenaries books. Overall this was a quick and enjoyable book and that kept me highly engaged and entertained from start to finish.

What Didn’t Work For Me:
Nothing. Flawless as usual.

Would I Recommend This Book:
Yes, especially to my BDSM loving friends.

Final Star Rating:
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