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Reviewed in the United States on March 30, 2017
First purchase of these bags was great. No issues other than slight difficulty separating from roll, but like another reviewer, we just got in the habit of separating a bag ahead of time. Purchased another box this month and had a disastrous experience with a defective bag with an entirely open bottom seam...only, due to the darkness on a nighttime walk, i didn't realize until there was soft, runny poop all over my hand and between my fingers. I was not as far from home as some reviewers, but I broke out into a run to get home (5 blocks) and had to wash my hands at least ten times to get the smell of poop to go away. Hands down the most disgusting experience with my dog to date and may even top the hundreds of dirty diapers changed over the course of two daughters' lives!

The defective bag, by the way, was the first of a successive run off about ten bags which I had to stand there ripping with the "good" hand before I could pick up the remaining poop. We since have discovered multiple defective rolls and we only received the box recently and have many more rolls remaining. I intend to request a refund and return the product. I'd rather pay double or even triple for bags that actually work.
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