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Reviewed in the United States on February 5, 2021
Carly Kennedy is struggling, her life and career seem to be stifling her. To make matters worse her sister has saddled her with a depressed basset hound, Baxter. Max Sheffington is on the fast track to tenure, he’s content with his life and his dog Hazel. When the two dogs are accidentally swapped he meets Carly and is intrigued. But Carly wants to move and Max is preparing to cement his life as it is. Can these two figure out how they fit into each other’s lives?

There's also an interesting story line concerning Max’s brother who is autistic. Jamie's story felt very well developed and seemed to be a good representation of how families deal with the challenges of raising children with autism. Max's dad was another story, but after six years of being a widower some of his actions were understandable -- life has to go on -- but I didn't like the way he seemed to be able to ignore Jamie whenever it was inconvenient for him. Fortunately for Jamie, Max was a wonderful brother and his treatment of Jamie felt honest and real.

Both Carly and Max’s families play a large role in this book and sometimes their external drama slowed down the story. The romance between Carly and Max was super sexy and interesting. Their “dates” with the dogs and the chemistry leading up to the sexy times was wonderful. It was fun watching them fall in love and hopefully that chemistry will prevail. Their banter, the dogs, and the sexy times were fun to watch.

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