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Reviewed in the United States on July 1, 2018
Thinking before speaking is something the world could use a lot more of. Some kids learn to be intentionally mean, and most children naively blurt out things that can hurt feelings at some time. This charming and colorfully illustrated book teaches kids to apply filters in a playful series of real life situations. In an extended thought experiment, the author asks kids to put themselves in others' shoes and consider how people would feel if everyone said the first self-centered things that popped into their heads. Frank, but not heavy-handed, it allows kids to see the results of accumulated unkindness. (YouTube trolls could learn something here!)

This will definitely be on the reading itinerary when my new grandbaby reaches the target age.

Addendum: I wanted to add a bit more about the illustrations. They are bright and lively with great communication of facial expressions. I love the little details added into each illustration, like the crab tattoo on the lifeguard or the expressive emoticons sprinkled throughout.

I should mention the reason I did not give a five star. It's more my preference than any fault of the book manuscript or illustrations. The facial expressions and text in the book express a wide range of negative emotions: sad, mad, mean, disapproving, frightened, smug. They are excellently and even humorously done--completely appropriate to the topic. However, I could have used a little more mood brightening at the end, showing more smiling and approving faces when children think before they speak and speak kindly. Like I said, it's my preference, which does not limit the usefulness and entertainment value of "What If Everybody Said That?"
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