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Reviewed in the United States on September 15, 2018
I use to LOVE this vacuum. Unfortunately THESE REVIEWS ARE NO LONGER RELEVANT. PLEASE disregard old reviews. We had this vacuum for years and LOVED it! It was super strong, worked incredibly well and held up to multiple daily use for years never having to replace anything. When we finally decided to purchase a new one (because the floor piece just needed to be refreshed), the new model came and it has been horrible!! We’ve had it for a few months and I am already having to purchase a new vacuum! The hose is cheap crap and is already broken. The places where the hose bends from the natural act of vacuuming will no longer “unbend”. So unless you hold it open with your hands, the hose stays bent shut. The floor piece is now smaller and doesn’t pick up like it use to because of the shape. Also, the three poles that connect the floor piece to the hose are so cheap they CONSTANTLY come off or get loose while vacuuming and it is so aggravating. Just yesterday, the middle part broke inside of the lower part and we are no longer able to use the floor piece... only the hose.

The on/off button has been changed as well and it takes about 3 or 4 slams of my foot for it to finally stay on.

Please go back to the old model!!!! This vacuum is horrible!!!

If you’re not going to, then list the vacuum under a new listing so the old reviews that are wonderful do not go with the new model.

It’s prefect! And helps a ton
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