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Reviewed in the United States on December 12, 2019
When I started using this bottle, I realized how much water I do NOT drink in a day. I only drank down to 'You've Got It!" and that was it. I couldn't drink any more than that or I'd have to go too much. After a few days of getting my body into drinking more water, I've improved and I don't feel so tired or dried out as much anymore. I have yet to finish the whole bottle though. It's still a lot for me, but I never thought I'd make it to 'Almost Finished" because of how little water I drank in a day. I'm really ALMOST FINISHED. I just have to keep going. I refill it every day just so I know how much I am drinking. I have tried to clean this bottle, but because the mouth is so small, I can't clean it very well. I have to find a way to scrub the inside because I know that rinsing it out, is not good in the long run. I bought the clear with black writing and I am so glad that I can still read the print. I don't drink soda or juice like I used to and I don't recommend putting any of those liquids into this bottle. The taste will stain the inside and with no way of cleaning it completely, you will be tasting water/soda/juice all in one. Hm... Maybe not such a bad idea. It does give you flavors, right? Haha. The bottle is so big that it's hard to hold and requires two hands. Since it was so heavy too, it definitely required two hands. This bottle was actually pretty thick too. I'm relieved about that. Thank you. I will reach the bottom one day!
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